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The cat whisperer episode 6: How to train your cat to be affectionate {With 1 simple trick}

The cat whisperer episode 6. Very affectionate siberian cat max how to train your cat. It’s simple, when you come home just wait for your cat to sit on your lap :D.

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38 Responses to “The cat whisperer episode 6: How to train your cat to be affectionate {With 1 simple trick}”

  1. IcedEarthaholic says:

    Makes me think of my Noah, he’s part Maine Coon I believe, and he comes and
    hops on my chest. He’ll lay there for some time, move around a bit while I
    scratch his ears. I love him to pieces. Wouldn’t trade him for the world. 

  2. ControlFreakyLP says:

    can you marry me?

  3. YakStudios says:

    Waffles the Terrible looks like yours. Everyone says he is fat, but he is

  4. RemixerBlogMeredith5 says:

    My cat does the same thing. When I approach my cat, she lays down and let’s
    me pet her belly and her head and her body. She’s very affectionate and
    loving. :3

  5. Aelathen Official says:

    I was reading about the Siberian cats being docile and friendly, but never
    expected it that much!!! So cute!!!

  6. Cobalt' Benji says:

    12:15 am, and here I sit.. Watching cats cuddeling.. GG Internet..

  7. PittyPaws says:

    Awww. Max is a fluff puff. 

  8. Ariel Frye says:

    Thank you for loving on this baby!!

  9. Alex Anderson says:


  10. Funaho H says:

    He’s so sweet and loves you so much. Thanks for taking such good care of

  11. Denis Nikitin says:

    well done i subbed

  12. Gary Gurniak says:

    He loves you look at that.

  13. catestuff says:

    Sweet kitty!

  14. IngeB1971 says:


  15. latinamixed says:

    I love your cat!

  16. Ryan McKnight says:

    Soooooooo cute

  17. Katharin Vea says:


  18. Baby Meo says:

    love ya, Max <3

  19. tim Appel says:

    Fun videos, what a a lovely cat :):):) keep them coming

  20. Nathaniel cat says:

    He does look like waffles the terrible. Maybe they are the same breed

  21. magicwandaful says:

    OMG – what an absolutely beautiful, fluffy, cuddly, gorgeous kitty cat
    !!!! He’s SO affectionate, what an angel !!!! xxxx

  22. Заработок в интернете says:

    u r lookin fine

  23. babyflufflepuff says:

    Sweet! My Siberian is 8 years old and is just a big, overgrown baby. (Very
    needy and attention-seeking but I love him to death!) It’s good to know
    he’s not the only one like that. :)

  24. Rodger Elliot says:

    If that ain’t affection, I don’t know what is.

  25. sibstfan says:

    if this video had 1 fucking dislike my faith in humanity would collapse

  26. Christian e.g. says:

    Cats are so luxurious

  27. oggo loggo says:

    You now are property of the cat.

  28. Valeria Morrone says:


  29. sharlene scarlet says:

    omg their both cuties hihi

  30. SunshineDIY says:

    My cat looks like your cat. I wish my cat can do you what your cat can do!

  31. Anja Kosi says:

    BEAUTIFUL CAT <3 My Oscar and Nero are now 4, 5 months old kittens, adopted
    from animal shelter in Slovenia. We had practic work in animal shelter with
    my school and I totaly fell in love with those babies… They are baby
    brothers, very atached to each other so, after a lot of crying and beging
    my parents, we took both of them. Now they are the happiest kittens I have
    ever seen! I love them!

  32. Mary Moon says:

    sure cats do mark people (intentionally or not) but that doesn’t mean they
    aren’t enjoying doing so, this cat is obviously very happy (you can hear
    the purrs) to be with his owner.

  33. Emily Parmenter says:

    this is what my cat does:)

  34. sp44113 says:

    When he rubs your face like that it’s a means of marking you. Cats have
    scent glands along the side of their face. Read up on it :) Lovely cat. I
    have a Siberian as well, but she’s not super cuddly.

  35. Valeria Morrone says:

    I disagree. I think Max loves him soooooo much. What a sweet baby awww

  36. OVOTV says:

    lol I guess i’m 301st lol. Each time over and over.

  37. Christian H says:

    Common misconception, although they do rub their face on some objects to
    “mark them,” it is also used as an expression of affection.

  38. Frostypeanut says:

    So sweet. Cuties.

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