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Dog Training : How to Train Your Dog to Bark on Command

Once a dog owner identifies what makes their dog bark, it creates an opportunity to teach a dog to bark on command. Reward a dog’s behavior when they learn t…

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42 Responses to “Dog Training : How to Train Your Dog to Bark on Command”

  1. Teh Lazy Spartan says:

    my dog bark when i listen to micheal jackson…

  2. Josh Cecil says:

    some lazy muther fuckers give the dog to someone who cares to love them

  3. Raman Kumar says:

    Check kijiye

  4. Facebookis News Network says:

    nice video , If anyone else is learn the most effective tips for training
    their dog try banfan turbo dog trainer (just google it)? Ive heard some
    pretty good things about it and my mate got amazing success with it. 

  5. MisterP64bit says:

    @SpacePiggeh Zeek Zeek Snap your fingers, clap your hands, anything with a
    noise, just dont change the noises up… Im no expert but i think im

  6. Julia L says:

    My dog ONLY barks when I lock him outside

  7. SpacePiggeh Zeek Zeek says:

    What if you dont have a clicker?

  8. Lauren wolf says:

    thanx this helped

  9. Ooogie1794 says:

    I thought this video was very informational and helpful! Well done!!!

  10. chilledkirby says:

    Haha, I have a German Shepherd. All I have to say is “Bark” and it will go
    super-body guard mode. Fun to do to scare the shit outta people.

  11. 666JDA666 says:

    How old is your dog? My dog started barking when he was about a year old,
    at other dogs, and when people where outside the house at night.

  12. tito1rocks says:

    @THESK1TZ How old is she??? it might be cause of age… and has she been

  13. dogtraining101today says:

    Check out my video its more detailed on how you have a silent command for
    it 😀

  14. basfoor says:

    @filigold maybe you bought a cat

  15. kasim khan says:

    i got a half pit and half stafforshire to make it bark wt i do is at home i
    tease it with food till it barks then give her it keep doin while u say
    wteva u say everytime u give her treat then u can do it when ever becoz
    they are gonna expect a treat

  16. Reece Wilson says:

    i got a remote controlled car and my dog barks and thats the only way he
    will bark

  17. gyalis says:

    @filigold my dog never barked but her sister wouldnt shut up so i started
    treating her sister when ever she did, this helped her to start barking now
    she barks on command

  18. Filipe Batista says:

    my dog doesnt bark at all!!! what do i do, only barked about twice. help me.

  19. FaithfulBella1 says:

    Eww; where are you? An abbanded factory

  20. sze96random says:

    @tori8782 LOL

  21. Mikey Renwick says:

    why wud u want a poodle or w.e it is? to bark? ….very scary dog?….

  22. LILSONIC100 says:


  23. snofagun1814 says:

    my pitbull has only barked a few times in the 2 years i’ve had him, but
    hasn’t barked in several months…. i wish he would once in a while though!
    how do you get a non barking dog to bark? lol

  24. Thenumber1linkinpark says:

    I think that going to be hard to teach my dog because he never bark he only
    bark when his in the Garden only and he bark at me when i opend the gate do
    any one know how am i going to teach him

  25. Rosa Ramirez says:

    my dog just

  26. Demetria Marie says:

    I think my dogs are retarded. They bark when someone knocks, and I’ve been
    trying and trying. They won’t take the treat right away because they are
    upset and thinking someone is trying to enter the house. And when I sit
    them down and say speak, they just give me a blank look and loose interest.
    I don’t know what to do!

  27. 07Binx says:

    What are they doing in an abandoned warehouse.

  28. Rose Rosette says:

    yes …I gave up! ..I figure so long as they bark if someone is close to
    our door is good enough.

  29. mamulang01 says:

    if i were you if he starts to bark you must said bark then give him a food
    or reward then you must repeat it till he master it dont teach a another
    trick untill one week he might forget it , handsigns is also help full in
    that and in some training ^^ is it nice ty

  30. try2flywith1wing says:

    i wish he would bark -.-

  31. skateMe12345 says:

    i tell my dog to speak and he speaks

  32. pianoplayerization says:


  33. poo wee says:

    It’s not hard to train your dog you just need time and patience, a lot of

  34. Thenumber1linkinpark says:

    I need help here my dog never bark at the door well he do only sometime but
    he don’t do it much and it hard to train him Please can someone tell me how
    do i get him to bark?

  35. Nick Benger says:

    Try muffling the sound with a towel so that it isn’t as loud.

  36. gavin802 says:

    is your dog a heavy smoker lol joke

  37. THESK1TZ says:

    Ive also tried too use my other dog Brandy. I get her to bark for a trea.
    My dog can see that I am commanding. But my little one won’t do it. I don’t
    know what else to do. It really is like she’s afraid. If I so much as look
    at her, she cowers in fear. Tail between the legs and shaking with her head
    bowed down. Sometimes she even urinates when scared. All this from just
    looking at her the wrong way? Whats wrong? Ive never hit her or yelled too
    loud. I wouldn’t do that. Why is my dog so scared?

  38. airgunhead says:

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww ugly poodle good technique

  39. cousinsingerz says:

    you dumb whore this dosent work your a dog

  40. Abigail Lee says:

    I want to teach my dog to bark when I’m on the floor not moving. I know
    that sounds weird, but I have type 1 diabetes and if I passed out it would
    be awesome if he could bark. I’ll work on it:)

  41. Eva Pleska says:

    my dog NEVER like literally NEVER barks how do i do it??

  42. sonnymercer says:

    wots the click all about????

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