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How to Train a Horse Not to Kick

Training a horse not to kick is done by spending time near the horse, grooming the horse, handling his legs and making him comfortable with human contact. Se…

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14 Responses to “How to Train a Horse Not to Kick”

  1. Chloe Palor says:

    My pony bluebell doesn’t kick anybody but kicks her door and has broke it
    on numerous occasions. Is there anything I can do for that?

  2. Dandyizbeast says:

    my horse Dandy is 4 and he kicks when he is nervous. he hasn’t kicked any
    one since last November. Do you have any tips on training a horse? We have
    tried picking out his hooves but he drops down to his knees! it doesn’t
    hurt him but i always check his legs for lameness. He is also afraid of
    sudden bursts of water such as fly spray, water hoses, etc. i am going to
    train him to jump but he rears and yanks the rope out of my handss when he
    wants his way!

  3. TheBeautyPub says:

    not the cutest hose. A little shabby but could be a great western/english
    horse with a little grooming! :)

  4. JessicaLynnGardner says:

    I have a question. LOL I have a 3 yr old that I just got. She was started
    lightly last year in a round pen. I dont know what all she had done but
    they only rode her in a halter. I have taken her on trail rides, hill
    rides, and arena work. NO problem. But when I lounge her on the ground she
    is a nightmare. She is fine at a walk but if I ask her for a trot she will
    swing that butt at me or just kick out as hard as she can. There is no
    warning expcept for the fact I now expect it.

  5. shiiuza says:

    I love how happy this horse is! :)

  6. pythongal101 says:

    omg i want that horse.

  7. JessicaLynnGardner says:

    She will kick out so suddenly she will fall over. I can groom, rub, and
    touch her anywhere and she is fine. Easy to catch, not scared, she just
    needs respect when I am on the ground. I can push her to a walk trot canter
    while riding her with nothing. I am teaching her to disingage (SP) her hip
    when on the ground. What else can I do with her? Thanks!

  8. herefordmsv says:

    Lovely horse and great to see the interaction and trust

  9. MsHorselover8 says:

    Rick gore!!!

  10. Kimberly Keith says:

    i have a rescue horse that her old owner had broken her left front leg and
    just left it 2 heal… ive been trying to get her used to having her legs
    be touched but she will still kick at you if you try to touch her legs any
    ideas how i can get her not to kick?

  11. Koda Johnson says:

    ok this was a VERY good video becust my horse treasure tryed to kick me
    when i get nere her hind feet!! ok now wat about kicking when under saddle??

  12. Dandyizbeast says:

    @Dandyizbeast oh yeah, and Dandy tries to cow kick me when he is being
    groomed!!! So frustrating!!!

  13. Annie andPuzzle says:

    that horse is so cute :)

  14. mishluvhope says:

    Nawww is that Buddy? (The horse)

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