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Peanut Treat Wild Bird Food – 3.5 lb.

Peanut Treat Wild Bird Food - 3.5 lb.

The Peanut Treat Wild Bird Food by C and S is formulated to give wild birds the nutrition and energy that they need, while being less messy and creating less waste. Use in a wide range of temperatures. At 100 degrees, treat will become soft and flexible. Treats become soft and pliable at 100 degrees and return to normal at room temperature. Treats and delights are nutritionally balanced to provide wild birds with much needed energy, create less waste, less mess. Place in suet feeder and hang from the trunk or branch of tree. Can also be placed in a nylon mesh bag.. Rendered Beef Suet, Roasted Peanuts, Peanut Flavoring, Corn, And Oats. Weight: 3.5 Pounds.: Size: 3.5 lb.: Color: PEANUT


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