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Cat Care : How to Train Cats to Enter Cat Doors

Magnets on cat doors can be strong and thus a deterrent to a cat’s decision to use the door. Train cats to enter cat doors with tips from a cat behaviorist i…

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13 Responses to “Cat Care : How to Train Cats to Enter Cat Doors”

  1. homebrewman231 says:

    when all else fails, stuff the cat through door. I’ve been playing this
    game for a few days and that’s worked

  2. x0toolate0x says:

    the cat’s just probally like “yes freedom!” and then there is a steel cage
    behind the door. lol

  3. Tara Phillis says:


  4. LikeFunnyVids says:

    I have like literally loads of cat flaps, but Hannah (my cat) wont go
    through, thanks, because it really works. I actually agree with @OooSPGooO
    saying “that’s actually a clever way to teach them”

  5. kitemett1 says:

    thanks cat lady.

  6. IzmirMr says:

    @Gothicwolves1 you say badwords

  7. PengyCat says:

    at 1:20 another cat is trying to get the treat. lol I’ll try using some of
    these tips for my cat.

  8. ixi your face says:

    when the cat sticks his head thru the door hes all like “what u call me all
    up in here for beach!!!”

  9. OooSPGooO says:

    That’s actually a clever way to teach them.

  10. rabounaja13 says:

    Hahah the other cat is trying to get the treat…YUM!

  11. Mahigak says:

    I love cats!!

  12. L33TGam3r95 says:

    Where can I get a cat door with a cage like that?

  13. OveRSwE says:

    Pfff stupid cats, ive known how to use a door for a long time!

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