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How to Teach a Horse to Follow You.

This is a how I get my horse to follow me! Your step by step instructions on how to get your horse to follow you! For those of you who don’t know…this is a…

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31 Responses to “How to Teach a Horse to Follow You.”

  1. Equestrian Royal Guard says:

    00:43 fatality 

  2. April Keayes says:

    When you said die I was like wattttt???????? Then you flopped and I was
    laughing uncontrollably haha great video

  3. Lauren Kremers says:


  4. Ni Huynhx says:

    You have such a cute horseeeee! :3

  5. moviemouse studios says:

    Ha as woo as you “die” jasper is like “mommy? Are you ok!?” Haha cute make
    more chest cam vids!!!

  6. iBoYube says:

    Omg, so cute 

  7. JasperIsaLittleHorse says:

    Well, the common thing your going to hear is “Treats!!” well treats don’t
    really make the horse follow you, they just follow the treats. You want the
    horse to follow you right? Lol Send me a Private message and Id’e be happy
    to point out a few things on a couple of my videos to help you nip this! :)
    Thanks for the comment!

  8. nottheaveragecowgirl says:

    What a lovely little pony! At first he was just like “What are you doing?”
    And then when u fell over he thought “Oh, better check on mom.” :) really
    cute, I loved having the horse I used to lease follow me around :)

  9. reigndrop101 says:

    JUST DiE lol I replayed that part like 30 times and my cheeks still hurt
    from laughing

  10. Josephine Cleverdon says:

    that was really funny when you died! i am kind of nevous about dying
    though, because i have an andalusian percheron and he might accidentaly
    step on me if i lay down…

  11. Aliena Juliet says:

    haha that’s really cool, amazing work. I’ll try it with my horse too

  12. StalionHorse1 says:

    ok I will trust u I have just bought a baby horse about 3-4 mounths old and
    if you do have a vid to show me the trick. My ather horses are already
    traind that means …

  13. JasperIsaLittleHorse says:

    XD Glad you liked it!

  14. JasperIsaLittleHorse says:

    Yeah but there is one big trick to it all, and I can assure you it works
    about the same for every horse that is living in normal conditions with
    other horses.

  15. JasperIsaLittleHorse says:

    Lol, thank you.

  16. JasperIsaLittleHorse says:

    @minervasp73 Lol, thank you.

  17. JasperIsaLittleHorse says:

    Lol, thank you^^

  18. moviemouse studios says:


  19. thelyricproject007 says:

    oh my gods i seriously started laughing out loud when you died

  20. JasperIsaLittleHorse says:

    Lol, thanks,^^

  21. Ellie Lewis says:

    I laughed so hard when you “died” like legit

  22. nottheaveragecowgirl says:

    He had leg and feet issues :(

  23. JasperIsaLittleHorse says:

    Haha, thank you!

  24. JasperIsaLittleHorse says:

    Ooooh. :( Thats really blows. If it makes you feel any better I lost a
    horse I owned for a month to Wobblers. He was my dream horse. 8/ but life
    goes on. I couldn’t buy another haflinger right after him though.

  25. Isabella Yanners says:

    lol…DIE!!! kills me every time

  26. JasperIsaLittleHorse says:

    Lol, Ok, I’ll see what I can do, but every horse is different. :)

  27. Ransomness13 says:

    Lmao I couldn’t stop laughing when you died

  28. JasperIsaLittleHorse says:

    If you don’t feel confident that your horse will mind you and not step on
    you i wouldn’t try it. I can’t say I’d do this with my big horse either, he
    doesn’t watch his feet well enough. Jasper has a very good mentality, he
    knows he is bigger than me, can hurt me and has never stepped on me. Even
    when he spooked once and i fell right in front of him he jumped over me.
    He’s just got a very special personality. So if you feel like your horse
    wont avoid you, don’t try it, Jasper is a special case.

  29. JasperIsaLittleHorse says:

    @LillKeilir Nope, large shetland.

  30. StalionHorse1 says:

    klever but as u said every horse is diferent ooww and nice and fun vid

  31. Kayla Marie says:

    this is brilliant :p

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