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How To Train A Horse Taylor Style

22000 veiws!?!?!?!?! THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow…..i cant believe how old this is…. Taylor TRYS to train a horse. VERY funny!!!

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34 Responses to “How To Train A Horse Taylor Style”

  1. EmilyEventer says:

    where did you get that awesome saddle????

  2. Animalcrazy1410 says:


  3. 1999Cameron4me says:

    OMG where did u get that barn!!! i love it!!!!! i want one!!!!

  4. wolvesrock2009 says:

    you are meant to do up the girth before you mount up you dummy!

  5. HunterAndMadi says:

    taylor?us that you! do you go to stevens elm? do you know grams?

  6. PepperPony76 says:

    well what should she do? get invisible hands? she’s not gonna take crap
    from just YOU, if you take a look at all most the comments here, most of
    them say, “good job!” OR “great!” your comment doesnt matter to her.

  7. candy12567 says:

    such a funnie vid grreat job xxxxxxx

  8. emms199 says:

    I am so so sorry about the nasty dispitfull commet I left and a very very
    sorry. I dont know why i said it and i did not mean it. I am truly sorry if
    i hurt your feelings Sorry

  9. Breyercr8zy1971 says:

    you can get the barn on the breyer website

  10. limitededitiongal says:

    like you could do better! Plus this is old 4 ur info!

  11. sarah durost says:


  12. NEShorselover says:

    @jaylene3p447 wrong! just saying.

  13. Cascadaboom Productions says:

    It’s so funny I love it I think I’m going to watch it over and over

  14. Ducky13P says:

    so funny

  15. Tay McKay says:

    u can get them in packs w/ a saddle, bridle, leg raps ect!

  16. narutohiniatasasuke says:

    he looks like redrum!!=D!

  17. hannahdressup says:

    she made it probably. i kno her and she makes everything lol

  18. hannahdressup says:

    lmao yup yup. seeeee i know u sooo welll

  19. HorsezEquestrianlove says:

    maybe she should have tighted the girth…lol it was funny when she fell

  20. SOcaLhco123 says:

    lol taylor (you of course because of the voice)is soooo funny

  21. Rachel P. says:

    shes so silly:D

  22. Acircuitboundeq says:

    “neigh” shush” hahahahhha

  23. horselesshorsegirl says:

    the video is funny and Taylor is odd!

  24. breyergirl1243 says:

    I hav him

  25. breyergirlglory says:

    XD even though the training techinique (not sure if thats spelled right XD)
    is not EXACTLY correct, it was an awsome funny and entertaining video.I
    beleive it most definitly dezerves a 5 stars and a favorties to my
    list!Good job on this video.

  26. horseihorsei121 says:

    u my friend are a bad person and shall be treated as such … Shut the h*ll
    up no one wants to hear u b*t*h

  27. pinecreekstables says:

    @dustyarabian Ok sorry

  28. emms199 says:

    i could actualy

  29. sadleclubgirl says:

    omg this stunk

  30. roulover310 says:

    OMFG this video made me laugh and i think i dieds of laughter!!!
    LOLOLOLOLOLOL but i did this and i dont know where the rider went they went
    ridding and never came back. and suggestions?

  31. gottoride3 says:

    @limitededitiongal not you the person who was mean

  32. limitededitiongal says:

    Who were you talking to?

  33. HorseFreak891 says:

    Lol 1:48

  34. emms199 says:

    okey she was talking 2 me

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