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Hamster tricks

How to teach your hamster STAND and CIRCLE. Stand/Up/Beg- Take a treat. Let your hamster smell it then take the treat up, saying, “(command’s name)”. Reward …

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39 Responses to “Hamster tricks”

  1. David V says:

    you’re a fuckin idiot. that hamster just followed your hand. it doesn’t
    know ANY tricks. that was completely idiotic.

  2. Hammielover69 says:

    Hahah very cute, but maybe try not to push the hamster around

  3. Vivian Lee says:


  4. paige Paakola says:

    Dont grab ur hammie by the waist fucking dork

  5. Rory Harris says:

    this hamster is not a Russian it is a Syrian and your tecnecs are really
    good it does not matter what they say

  6. Jordan Grace says:

    don’t push you hamster that’s means,sad,stupid,and just wrong

  7. Alexis Dietrich says:

    That is nothing

  8. Jordan Grace says:

    don’t push your hamster that’s mean and sad ;(

  9. Blu-ray-cool-dog says:

    How do you even make the hamster stay up during day?

  10. coacoa563 says:

    Don’t listen to the other okay?whoever was callin u a retarde switch is it
    as them callin themselves retardes:)P.S.U r awesome;)

  11. Moon Struck says:

    Thats not training thats just feeding ur hamster. 

  12. FuhrmanPo says:

    My hamster won’t eat any treats … ANY

  13. Dylan Austin says:

    Thank you

  14. Dylan Austin says:

    Why does my hamster always lick and bite me? Can you give me advice how to
    stop him from doin that

  15. Nguyen Neo says:

    why is ur hamster so big?

  16. hammiepiexox says:

    It is abusing if you don’t give them the treat. And if ur talking about
    when I pushed her away, I wasn’t squeezing or anything so she wasn’t hurt.

  17. Tankpaw54 says:

    Shes like 5-8 dude dont troll a kid that young.

  18. hammiepiexox says:

    She isn’t that big, she’s the normal size for a Russian – 3 in. She might
    seem big. Because I’m zoomed in on her

  19. hammiepiexox says:

    Is there any food your hamster likes? If so, use that. If the treat is big
    n unhealthy break it into smaller pieces

  20. SyrnergyDMS says:

    Good tricks and helpful but it kinda looks like ur abusing it.

  21. hammiepiexox says:

    if hes licking u then hes happy or hes just a licky hamster :) make sure
    that ur hamster is really biting u and not nibbling. if hes nibbling then
    ur hand may smell like food. i know chocolatecolors26 has a video on
    hamster bites check out that video cuz i personally dont have a video on
    hamster bites.

  22. Faith Chong says:

    my hamster sleeps alot… why’s that so? O___O

  23. hammiepiexox says:

    Thank u so much if u search my channel you will see like 14 other videos.
    Do u have any requests because I’ve run out of ideas for future videos 😛

  24. hammiepiexox says:

    i dont see anything funny about u calling me retarded

  25. dmcilrath29 says:

    And how is she abuseing it that we hamster loves her xx

  26. hammiepiexox says:

    Hamsters r nocturnal, so of your hamster is asleep during the day it’s
    normal. If your hamster is old then it will be sleppier

  27. mohammad yazouri says:

    My hamster looks just like that its crazy

  28. dmcilrath29 says:

    Do you have any other vidios I would love to have a nosey xxx your my
    number one fan x

  29. websterx9 says:

    you are retarded lol

  30. Cami Morrow says:

    will they do it without the treat

  31. Sabrina Dref says:

    Where are you from ? :)

  32. hammiepiexox says:

    *sleepier. N if ur hammy is normally active then it might be sick, so take
    it to the vet. Otherwise it might just be sleepy by nature.

  33. hammiepiexox says:

    Tankpaw54 thanks a lot for defending me btw I’m not 5-8 I’m a couple years
    older then that

  34. hammiepiexox says:

    They might do it on command after some training but you must always give
    them a treat as a reward

  35. Tankpaw54 says:

    Its not really abuse to not give them a treat. Maybe a jerk move, but not

  36. Leah Suave says:

    Cuteee i miss my hamsterrrr ):

  37. Tankpaw54 says:

    I dont see abuse anywhere in this video just a kid and her hamster.

  38. dmcilrath29 says:

    Dont lison to them your a very good teacher it worked with my hamster thank
    you very much for your help and your hamster is just beataful and any age
    can teach we all have diffrent talents and this fine girl has go a beaful
    talent with looking afer her we pet

  39. hammiepiexox says:

    That’s kinda hard q cuz I was born in America but the last couple of years
    I spent in India….but now I’m backin us

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