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How to Train a Cat : Use Scratch Posts to Encourage Good Cat Behavior

Scratching posts can encourage good cat behavior. Learn more in this free video. Expert: Adrienne Mulligan Bio: Dr. Adrienne Mulligan graduated from veterina…

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17 Responses to “How to Train a Cat : Use Scratch Posts to Encourage Good Cat Behavior”

  1. TheEmpowered787 says:

    Bullshit! My cat ignores it and proceeds to Rip up my carpeting. He makes
    it very tempting to declaw his Ass! I can’t afford it if he damages my
    apartment! Damnit ! I put his paws on it and he whined and hissed at me!

  2. WarriorNerdz says:

    Urgh, my cat ignores it! As I type she is busy attacking the bell on the
    top. *My mom bought it… soo… >>’ *

  3. maharley27 says:

    Dude just buy claw caps. They’re called Soft Claws. Best invention ever!

  4. ciao614 says:

    Why does she talk like she is on drugs??

  5. AbdulNasirkonopka says:

    My cat tear up my carpet in my apt. My landlord is not happy. Please help
    me. I yell at her I hit her paws lightly. I spray water. But she keep doing
    it at night when we sleeping. I am thinking of declawing her.

  6. Alex Germanotta says:


  7. Redstar724 says:

    i got a scratching post for my cat but he has never used it because it’s
    not tall enough. He has been tearing my walls apart! I need to get a better
    one desperately! lol

  8. Ben Lowe says:

    Yeah, my cat refuses to even acknowledge the scratch post – he has an
    entire flat that is carpeted ! One giant scratch pad :–[

  9. shebawolf says:

    also you can clip her claws, Declawing removes part of the Digit(toe) it
    wold be like removing the tip of your finger!

  10. MrJordanslick says:


  11. Ibrahim Basic says:

    man your a good vet

  12. MoonLiteWolfPro says:

    You should try positive reinforcement. Attacking the cat will probably make
    it wanna to hide the habit from you but not make it stop.

  13. catspapa22 says:

    Pussy 101

  14. libed91 says:

    you can not because animal instincts are very strong in cats if your cat
    wants to fuck then he wants to fuck. You will have to castrate your cat.

  15. MissLolz2 says:

    expertvillage, how do i train my cat to stay inside? another cat out there
    is making my cat try to leave and i just dont know wut to do! please post a
    video on that if u can!

  16. mrssummit49 says:

    I just touch or point to my scratching post and he will come and scratch

  17. Static City says:

    My cat still hates me

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