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Small Pets : How to Litter Box-Train a Rabbit

When training a rabbit to use a litter box, make sure to use organic litter so that the rabbit won’t get any respiratory infections. Find out how to place a …

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35 Responses to “Small Pets : How to Litter Box-Train a Rabbit”

  1. 0NEVERHIDE0 says:

    My bunny Frank is a young dwarf and ive only had him for 3 days. so far he
    goes to the bathroom everywhere in the cage. i tried the timothy hay in the
    litter box, and i put all of his messes in the box after he makes them, but
    he uses the litter box as a bed instead =/ when i tried moving the box to
    where he poops the most he then will poop on the opposite side instead. so
    what should i do to help?

  2. polymerclaycreatable says:

    ???? tahts weeerd

  3. rccahay says:

    she never seemed interested in chewing anything. she has one of those gnaw
    sticks for her teeth but she’s never taken a liking to anything else.

  4. jeffdunhamfan22 says:

    She should learn to say INHALE in the video she said inhell

  5. xxtianxx says:

    didn ur rabbit bite on any wires? cause if i let mine run freely, she’d
    bite but not pee and poop.

  6. NationaleRadicaleQC says:

    Not all organic litters are good, conifer shavings can really affect the
    rabbit health and cause serious breathing problems with the time. Best
    thing is compressed newspaper, it’s not toxic nor volatile and very

  7. moshigirl16 says:

    yes it is.. some people just use what they think is ok

  8. whopper and lotje says:

    @0NEVERHIDE0 you can try to put hay in it or near to it. so he can eat it
    when he is in the box.

  9. rccahay says:

    to litter train my rabbit, i kept her in a cage for the first couple months
    that i owned her so she got used to peeing and pooping in there. then i let
    her run free around the house like a dog or a cat. i took the bars off the
    cage (so it was just a tray) and she naturally used the tray to go to the
    bathroom. i also kept her food in the tray. sometimes she’ll pee in certain
    corners to mark her territory but other than that i’ve never had any
    problems with her :).

  10. jhhjhjhhjhu says:

    @MegaPlanelover I agree with Chibigoober.. lol even though its a nice
    idea,, you should probably get an actual wooden hutch or indoor cage, a
    good size as they need room, or the rabbit will get very stressed and
    bored. And get it all ready so everything is prepared before you get your
    rabbit. :) If you make it out of cardboard, it will pee inside it and it
    will probably smell real bad and soak through the box, it will chew it up
    and yeah, the paint will probz be harmful to your bunny. Gudluck.

  11. 102Tigerfan201 says:

    omg the black and hite one looks just like the one i just bought!!!

  12. divagal88833 says:

    i just got my rabbit 4days ago he is 8 weeks old and i am really interested
    in litter training him he is in and out of the house all the time sometimes
    he will be in his hutch and sometimes in the house. the first problem i am
    having is that he doesn’t have a corner that he goes in to pee or poo he
    goes on the couch which is a big problem i really want to know how to get
    him to pee in the litter box and not on the couch please help

  13. leahbrenty says:

    timothy hay

  14. yuki13izumi says:

    @2andahalfnoobs I use a newspaper too! cuz i actually don’t have any
    experience in adopting rabbits so i didn’t know wat else 2 use. . .

  15. whopper and lotje says:

    @Wihpri77 i kept my rabbit for 1 hour in her cage and he is littertrained.
    they pee and poop to mark there tertorium the first time.

  16. badboiinomi says:


  17. seanimallover4ever says:

    how long does it take to litter train a rabbit i am trying to litter train
    my rabbit. . . . will cat litter work? i am not sure if it will

  18. 2andahalfnoobs says:


  19. BenGeocth says:

    try taking some of its urine/poop and actually putting it in the litter
    box. It should have the instinct to use the restroom there.

  20. Foreverbunnies123 says:

    Spay or neuter @shelbie D.

  21. metalchick66666 says:

    al i did was put a tray of litter in the cage put some of the poo in it
    they smell what it is n go there rabbits r very tidy animals they always go
    in the same spot if they can

  22. Alyssa Jones says:

    okay, im just training my rabbit how to use a litter box. but is there a
    way i could possibly keep it in place in the corner? because when i put the
    litter box in the corner she moves it then pottys in that spot!

  23. shadowviper56 says:

    @me51you LOL

  24. jae89latina says:

    yea but the question is what do u do with a rabbit that just goes
    everywhere not in just one corner? lol

  25. shasha8227 says:

    i got the pee part pretty much down…. just not the poop. they crap alll
    over the place :)

  26. abbybunny82 says:

    nice video! very helpful! (:

  27. Kerry Obihara says:

    Ive had a bunny for a few weeks now and im trying to litter train it, most
    of the times it will pee in the bocx, otherwise itll do it on the newspaper
    in its cage, and its again begining to poop in another side of its cage!!
    very annoyed, it does use it box but it dosent at the same time, it picks
    and chooses, im using a wood based pellet litter

  28. Hello Kitty says:

    I have the same cage as u

  29. bestrickie2 says:

    Very interesting, U know Ur stuff. I used to look after rabbits at boarding
    school over 30 years ago. I C U hav a Dutch black. One of the nice rabbits
    we kept was a lovely Dutch blue a boy bought from a pet shop. It’s
    important when litter training to put in the tray a small sample of the
    eurin & or droppings for the rabbits to get the scent. A very good idea to
    put hey into the tray. Rabbits usually go to the toilet in one corner as
    you rightly said. Cheers & all the best with your bunnies.

  30. minnimouse1998 says:

    i have the same type as litter box they show in that but how do i put the
    hay in it just goes through the wire should i take the wire off or what?
    someone plzanswer

  31. whopper and lotje says:

    @catchifyoucan232 i speak dutch. sorry for the english :) i don’t know what
    you call teretorium but i can try to explain it. they pee and poop in the
    room to let ‘others’ know that this is where he lives

  32. Nicole Higgins says:

    @seanimallover4ever NO, do NOT use cat litter, it brings respiratory

  33. catchifyoucan232 says:

    @hannanasje1987 What’s a “tertorium”? And shouldn’t it be “their” instead
    of “there”? Sorry, don’t mean to nit pick. Your comments are really
    helpful, thanks for the interaction!!!!

  34. Sonalee Chase says:

    this video was not at all helpful

  35. Scott Knight says:

    litter training is easy, with my rabbit I let him choose where he wanted to
    go basically. he naturally went tp a corner of the room and pee’d there, so
    from then on, I put the tray there and he hasn’t been to the toilet
    anywhere else. Just that one accident at the very beginning and that was it.

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