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Clicker Training – How to clicker train your dog

Clicker training – Learn how to use a clicker to train your dog and deal with behavior problems. Don’t forget to rate this video, leave comments and subscrib…

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32 Responses to “Clicker Training – How to clicker train your dog”

  1. Ronald Santos says:

    I have a dog that will need a bit more discipline.

  2. onegaisti says:

    Why not just snap your fingers or something?

  3. Chad Glapion says:

    Would you say it’s ever too late to start Clicker Training? My friend has a
    Havanese that’s really attached to me. I want to become a dog trainer and
    was thinking about practicing Clicker Training on him. The only thing is
    he’s never had any formal training so I would basically be starting from
    square one.

  4. Cynthia D. Sanchez says:

    Awesome video !! thanks a lot. I was trying to understand what the clicker
    was for, cos i saw it in amazon as recommended and the seller doesnt say
    any word of what it is used for.

    Will subscribe to your channel to learn how to train my little puppy :)

  5. german Rea says:

    You can download the clicker app and it’s free instead of buying one 

  6. D. Freeman says:

    Awesome!!! I’ll be sure to check out your book

  7. Ameri Dri says:


  8. Joseph Arnold says:

    At what age can you start using the clicker? Our dog is a GS and she is 2
    months old.

  9. Pedro Saenz says:

    @TheLarsArne no the cliker makes two klics

  10. Witsarunemitea says:

    I just got a clicker it cost me 2.09 € that means 3.03 US $ . That’s
    clearly nothing. Really Cheap.

  11. Dolphin8050able says:

    i get it!

  12. texas tyro says:

    You should use soft treats for training because they are yummier and are
    faster and easier to eat.

  13. elio08 says:

    thank you!! very helpful.

  14. Costi Masca says:

    Yes you can use finger sounds instead but it’s better to use the clicker.
    If you don’t want a clicker you can use a metal cap from juice bottles : )

  15. warcriminal666 says:

    i’ve never clicker trained but i am a psych student. i would assume that it
    would be easier for the dog to discriminate the frequency and volume of the
    conditioned stimulus if it was the same kind of click every time. dogs seem
    to generalize well, since people don’t always pronounce specific commands
    exactly the same way. so i would think fingers would work fine, but the
    clicker might be slightly better.

  16. mjdkmiller says:

    my grandma’s dog has been at my house for about a year now and we’ve had
    her for around a year i think shes a year and a half now. she jumps on
    everyone and wont listen to commands can i still train her?

  17. icypinkkisses says:

    click treat click treat click treat ahaa i love it good videos dude keep
    them up they are so helpful =] and sarakellaghan1989 i got 1 from ebay for
    99p with about 50p postage =]

  18. yakooza says:

    Cant you just snap?

  19. HalfSharkGator says:

    a clicker basically takes the place of the trainer saying good boy? how
    young is too young for a dog to be trained this way?

  20. Jackie Landers says:

    Is clicker training effective for correcting unwanted behaviours, such as
    keeping my dog from chasing my cats?

  21. Victor Aldana says:

    @sarakellaghan1989 Yes. I got mine at PetSmart for $4.

  22. Bronte Miltrup says:

    same with my dog except she begs

  23. Julia Stowe says:

    @sarakellaghan1989 yes.

  24. PriincessHiibaa says:

    @LuvCudi4ever 1.99 from petco red or blue thats the only colors :(

  25. sononiz says:

    Do you think i can use a top of the snapple cap and click it?

  26. ReMix2k9 says:

    my dog always runs away from me when im takin her for a walk if i let her
    off the leash

  27. Bret Nida says:

    I just adopted a 4 year old Retriever/ Chow mix. My dog of 12 years passed
    not to long ago and I relatived I always snapped loud with my hands as my
    own clicker(I had never seen if before now). Thanks for the video, A nice

  28. tonyinfinity says:

    @LuvCudi4ever ……I have one you can buy for $180

  29. kidcuidi1 says:

    i got a shiba inu and using this clicker helped me abunch

  30. cynthiaisawesom says:

    there is a app for the dog clicker its in apzilla 2

  31. Eric Letendre says:

    @SkaRocksYea Thank you!

  32. killerracernos says:

    Try to train your brother with the clicker

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