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How to potty train a hamster

WATCH IN HD! Hey guys! Hamsters are very clean animals Which can be potty trained just like a cat! it’s very easy! But sometimes A Hamster may not want to pe…

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48 Responses to “How to potty train a hamster”

  1. Aliza Allman says:

    My hamster nests in her litter box is that bad ?

  2. imoogidude c says:

    my hamster digs the sand out of its toilet

  3. KevinAnd CatForever says:

    my hamster takes all of its food and bedding and puts it up top in its
    wheel and sleeps up there. how do i stop that? im not alowed to touch him
    for 3-4 days because i just got her yesterday. please help

  4. Jasmine Marquez says:

    Can u use carfresh?

  5. lunaand6friends says:

    hey tori! this is what i do 1.i rub the pee from where he pees with toilet
    paper 2.i put some boxo bedding above the peed toilet paper 3.i clean the
    cage and put new bedding 4.look at him and adore him! question is that ok?

  6. Hannah Gouge says:

    This is hilarous my hamster pip peed on my dad:) ha ha ha

  7. melanie estiban says:

    Sorry tori this has nothing to do with the video but how often should I
    give my hamster a sand bath?

  8. fancy hammies says:

    Hannah, my hamsters name is pip,too!

  9. Ashley Vargas says:

    I have a teddy bear hamstter named cheeky and she had 4 babies her first
    litter and they were all boys we kept all of hem there names are hanibal
    prince lucky and thunder jr. Then she had a second litter if eight hamsters
    5 boys3 girls I kept a boY and named him gizmo I love him to death

  10. Akshara Thadakamalla says:

    Can you use sand from chinchilla bath sand

  11. MKiah Harvey says:

    This isn’t about potty traning your hampster…but how often do you give
    them baths and can you put some covoring over their nesting place?
    sorry…but i just got a hampster today (12/26/2013) and it is a girl, I
    named her saidie and she is a dwarf hampster. She is white with a thick
    stripe of carmle down her back and she has pink paws and a cute little pink
    nose…she also has really big eyes that are black. when i got her at
    petco, this guy named andrew told me that there is not vert many dwarf
    hampsters that look like that…so i knew that she was perfect for me.
    There is something that i am alittle cencerned about though, sadie keeps
    going really fast on her wheel and keeps hitting her back on the middle
    part of the wheel… will that cause any type of problem for her?

  12. Emily Putnam says:

    this seems cool. will it work on robo hammys and can 2 robo hammys use the
    same potty?

  13. Sonic Maurice says:

    how old are u

  14. fancy hammies says:

    Can I use chinchilla dust for the potty?

  15. Hailey Nicole says:

    I watched both your videos on season and peach passing and I was wondering
    are you going to get another hamster because I love watching your videos
    and you make me smile you are the best person to give hamster advice so
    thanks and I’ve been watching your videos since I was 5 and I am 9 right
    now and I got my very first hamster and I named him pumpkin and I love the
    the great hamster advice that you gave me and you should keep marking
    Syrian hamster videos they are very help full to me and pumpkin so just
    think about it you are my favorite love Hailey nicole

  16. Kimberly Maxwell says:


  17. Ivan Cortes says:

    Your nails :3

  18. GamerGirl8240 says:

    There is no way my hamster is”neat and organized”. Dude, he will pee and
    poop IN his igloo! (Where he sleeps) Weird, I know..

  19. AnyRandomDude says:


  20. juliana castellano says:

    Potty0 030

  21. Verawaty Oeij says:

    Okay, I’ll try ;)

  22. Diego Majano says:

    EPiC MADI if you want a hamster that will live the longest get a robo it is
    small anb worth it

  23. AXhar Siddiqui says:

    your hamster and ur hand both look so pretty …:D
    thanks for the help :)

  24. Brianna Tran says:

    My hamster pees and poos in front of his wheel..

  25. HeyIts ChRiS says:

    hey i no u say getting a hamster from a pet store is bad but i have no
    choice my parents are taking me there to get a hamster where is the best
    place togo and what breed should i get?? plz help

  26. Reagen Emery says:

    can i use any kind of bedding


    give it a sand bath depending on its fur if it gets all bad fast 1 in a
    week if not 1 in a month

  28. Bethann Moody says:

    Abby uses her potty. Just bought one today for my new guy I bought on the
    31st of March. Don’t know what to name him. I thought about the names
    Chunky or Chummy. Cause he is big!!

  29. IhamFitrah fitrah says:

    my hamster like to pee in their sand bath so what should i do

  30. Diego Majano says:

    Thanx my sister is getting a hamster and she was thinking of using odor
    control cat litter to keep smell away but not anymore

  31. Cassidy Darling says:

    Yesterday I took my hamster out his cage and put him on my bed he just
    walked over by me and peed on me…Is that normal for hamsters to mark
    their territory on you?

  32. Sonic Maurice says:

    because your a genus

  33. fancy hammies says:

    Thanks!!! I will use a different kind now

  34. Elizabeth McDougall says:

    My hamster pees in his house

  35. Nicolita1234567890 says:

    my hamster pees in his food dish… 

  36. Andrew ware says:

    Cheesy chews are safe for gefbils right.

  37. Cocoa dash says:

    my hamster always pee in one corner

  38. jazmine myles says:

    My hamster pees in her potty but barley uses it and CONSTANTLY poops and
    eat in her comfort wheel 😐 

  39. Hamster Love34 says:

    I have potty litter in this little purple container ans she’s falling
    asleep please help

  40. Sonic Maurice says:


  41. JaayMarie says:

    Could children’s play sand be used?

  42. Maggie Fox says:

    btw thanks for always checking comments

  43. super ariana says:

    Arent you suposed to cover every corner in the cage

  44. thearkty says:

    Is it bad that my hamsters urine smells very bad?

  45. lifeinside leahsworld says:

    chocolatecoulers26 or tori can you subscribe to me my name is leahbuckley

  46. Maggie Fox says:

    i have a problem, i dont know were my hamster potato uses the bathroom! im
    scared he will get wetail and your 1 out of literally THREE youtubers that
    do hamster videos i trust.what should i do? just feel around in his cage?

  47. JasperTheSyrianHam says:

    Thanks so much for doing this video its so helpful and useful and makes
    keeping the smell of a hamsters urine kept to a minimum.

  48. lifeinside leahsworld says:

    you must be the queen of hamsters when ever i sir down and i am watchinig
    you vedios with pie my hamster she always lieas on my lap and watches it
    and sometimes falls asleep if its warm ]

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