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How to Train a Horse to Stop

Train a horse to stop by walking the horse forward, pulling back on the reins and using your voice to tell the horse to stop. Work on teaching a horse to sto…

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6 Responses to “How to Train a Horse to Stop”

  1. Gerry Cox says:

    Face is too stiff…

  2. Msmusicca says:

    @Horsewyse97 If you horse does not stop, if its inside you should turn him
    into the wall , the horse can not go any further and wil stop

  3. XxHeelsDownxX says:


  4. horsejw4ever says:

    and all this time i thought your horse was a boy…:P

  5. animalwisperer says:

    @AlphaBetaAutumn yeah that was kind of my point. I have found that most
    newly broken resist more than handled horses which is in the obvious.
    Mostly they will resist with tossing their head or pig rooting 😛 in my
    case. However if you have a responsive horse, pulling back on both reins
    can lead you to a balanced horse that will stand correctly if the horse
    reacts right :)

  6. animalwisperer says:

    @AlphaBetaAutumn not for all horses

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