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How to teach your horse to Lay Down

Please only try this if your horse has mastered the bow, Teaching this trick can be very dangerous if you don’t have a good trust relationship with your hors…

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36 Responses to “How to teach your horse to Lay Down”

  1. JadeAndSebring says:

    I have no idea why someone would call this abuse. The horse went down very
    willingly and smooth! Better than others I’ve seen on youtube. You’ve done
    a lot of work with this horse, very nice! :) And you are SO gorgeous! Ever
    thought about becoming a model? (Not trying to seem creepy or anything, I’m
    just not afraid to say when I think someone looks beautiful)

  2. Taylor Tryggestad says:

    Everyone who thinks this is horse abuse needs to calm down. As you can tell
    the horse is very flexible, obviously shown when it is bowing. This shows
    that she stretches her/him and that if it was abuse, (which it isn’t) the
    horse would be very tight in the muscles. I can see how it might be looked
    at as abuse, but only because of how she pulled it’s neck, which still is
    very flexible, and it was willing to try and touch it’s belly like
    – – –
    Also, stop telling her what to wear, sure they are shorts, but guess what,
    She’s not telling YALL what to wear? It’s a free country, get over it

  3. Sophie says:

    very good, force your horse to fall down…you are such a terrible trainer
    if you cant do it without force :(

  4. GuineaPirate says:

    This is called MAKING your horse lay down…..Mine lays down without any
    external force. All you need is a slight touch to the chest and with your
    body language tell him to bow. This is just forcing him down….its silly
    to think its “teaching” him, he doesn’t have a choice. I wish people would
    quit using the old methods of training horses….

  5. Kyleigh DeLibero says:


  6. Charlie Irvin says:

    very good trainer.I don’t think many people can do that with their
    horse.your very good.what you do. keep up the good work.

  7. Deanna Arbucci says:

    idiots, he’s licking his lips in the end, which means he understands what
    she is asking for. look at any natural trainer and you will see when a
    horse understands and is in harmony he will lick. 

  8. equuifree says:

    i have been trying this for years now aprox. 1 1/2 now and i still can’t
    get his to do anything, he powers over me and rips the rope out of my hand
    so he can stand up, we have done basic horseman ship so he does trust me
    but he will not do this!! help, if i cant find his talent my parents are
    going to sell him to the doggers.!>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP ME PLEASE!

  9. Tate Jane says:

    Why do you suggest we master the bow first? They naturally lay down so I
    thought it would be okay to do it without bowing first. I don’t intend to
    sound rude I just wanted to teach my horse to lay down this week. :)

  10. kaylee wallace says:

    Great job ! Thank you. I prefer to use nothing. But your horse is willing,
    calm and having a go. I think you’ve done well ! :):) keep it up!

  11. Charlie Irvin says:

    I don’t know why others worry about what you wear. its what ever makes you
    feel comfortable. it don’t bother me. Just keep up the good work. Thanks
    for Sharing this.

  12. Matyson Livingood says:

    Kyleigh Delibero and Sophie. this is not abuse. if she was abusing her
    horse he would not even want to be around her and you would be able to tell
    if he didn’t want to do it. horses are flexible and he did go down
    willingly. besides, I am sure the only kind of horses you work with are

  13. MoonLight Mystique says:

    you must get a lot of sand up in those nasty booty shorts.. lol

  14. Adan Alcala says:

    How bout wearing some pants, crazylegs?

  15. Orriarna Bracken felsing says:

    i think this is a good way to lie some horses down, some horses will put up
    a fight, my horse would leap and buck because at the time he was very
    nervous, i lie a horse down to help trust if a horse is scared and yes this
    way can work but i warn, use this on an abused horse and it will probably
    rear, buck etc! just saying becuase you have to think of both safety! x

  16. MusicFreak102101 says:

    Wow some of you guys need to get over yourselves and stop hating on what
    she’s wearing. It’s a tutorial on teaching your horse to lay down, not a
    fashion show.

  17. Maria D. says:

    How long Will this take?

  18. Ernesto Manzano says:

    Who ever said this girl looks gross must be blind or just a hater..She is a
    beautiful and very sexy cowgirl :)

  19. Lazy Daze says:

    Good video! I’m going to try it!

  20. Maude B says:

    Where did you buy you’re boots? 😮 they are so cool! Love them!

  21. Ahmed Alsaleh says:

    awsome thank you for sharin

  22. Aziz M says:

    Great video! thank you Brooke

  23. elizabeth desmonie says:

    This was really helpful thank u and she can wear what she wants and this is
    not abuse the animal is 2,000 pounds if It didn’t want to do it it could
    easily not move at all even with her pushing 

  24. Martin Olivares says:

    What was this video about? All I saw was legs and a$$ ;)

  25. Jade Jackson says:

    I love the boots were did you get them from 

  26. Martin Olivares says:

    Allie Mosher- your comment indicates that your most likely ugly so yeah…
    Your gross. 

  27. Hayden Hall says:

    I have to try this

  28. Nikita Kurtz says:

    I think that this is really well done. Ignore the haters. However I found
    that this method for me didn’t work so well as I couldn’t get my horse to
    lie down. However I used another method and now he lies down. However I
    still use half of yours. I use someone else’s to now him and yours to lie
    him down. 

  29. Emma Jito says:

    Cool my horse now can do it to

  30. Tori Martin says:

    Bwhahahaha I can make my boy lie down with no ropes:)

  31. Jim Stewart says:

    thanks brooke so dumb question do u think u could make a average guy give
    up in a leg scissor hold???

  32. Logan Taylor says:

    Thanks that video really helped:)

  33. Minecraftluver24 says:

    Can you show us how to teach a stubborn horse to lay down. My horse and I
    have worked on it forver . 5 months maby. He won’t even bow. Plz help

  34. Brooke Polston says:

    If that’s the case you need to be super careful! see some people don’t like
    when people lay horses down they think its ‘cruel’ when really it’s
    actually building trust, horses are prey animals, getting one to lay down
    even if its not so willingly is a big deal.. so I’m gonna get a horse that
    has never bowed before and try making a video for ya’ll! ^ ^^:)

  35. SilkShadow5183 says:

    Thank you so much for your videos!! Ive taught my horse so many tricks
    thanks to your tutorial videos. I cant wait to head out and attempt this! I
    tried teaching him it early this spring, but couldn’t figure it out and
    gave up. Gonna try again!(:

  36. Cayenne341 says:

    done well! :) what if your horse really freaks out?? like she starts
    rearing super high and looks like they’ll kill their self?? :)

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