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“At what age should I start to train my ferret?”

An answer to a popular question I get on my YouTube channel about what age is best to start training your ferret.

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17 Responses to ““At what age should I start to train my ferret?””

  1. Silver Wolf says:

    I’m never getting a ferret :,( 

  2. Alexia Jones says:

    My ferret charlie bites all the time and scruffing time outs do nothing.
    Plus he does bot come to his name any help. He is five months 

  3. Sapiwette Bardinger says:

    Thanks for your advices! My ferret doesn’t like any of the treats you
    talked about (she’s fond of bread, cheese and biscuits, and since it’s not
    good for her i don’t give her any of course), so i guess i won’t teach her
    any trick unless she changes her mind about food and treats :/

  4. Charlie Ferret says:

    I keep forgetting how cute Joey is :)

  5. Joey Chow says:

    I’m getting my first ferret tomorrow and my name is joey hahaha!! I’m so
    excited! Any tips!? Already subscribed

  6. Jenna Gilman says:

    How old is joey??

  7. Jenna Chong says:

    What kind of ferret is joey he is just the custest little thing

  8. Sierra Solis says:

    I’m getting a ferret is their any specific training methods of yours should
    I start with

  9. salemtrinity says:

    Hi, I have 4 ferrets and only one likes ferretone and only two will take
    treats. How can I train the other two w/o food?

  10. Shae Jeanae says:

    my ferret does not listen to what so ever. he was born 12-27-13 but he’s
    still not litter trained cause the people I got him from let him sleep in
    the litter box. and he doesn’t even come to his name. can I have some

  11. Lurvly Furtz says:

    I clicked this video only to ogle at how cute Joey is and how much I wanna
    snuggle him…. ssshhhh though my ferrets are in the room- they get jealous

  12. Mathew Perez says:

    If your ferret was about 2 years old do you think he can still be trained?


  13. S WildCarley says:

    What ferret age does a ferret learn at best?
    I do not have a ferret but im getting one and i love joey

  14. Heather Woertendyke says:

    cool awwwwwwwww joeyyyyyyy

  15. Happyhammy Ferrets says:

    You have a full time job and Joey wow how ….

  16. jonnys1023 says:

    You are awesome post more!!

  17. AmberStark2014 says:

    I’m thinking on getting a Ferret, when My Chinchilla pass not saying that
    she is going to anytime soon but What is somethings I need know about

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