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How to Train a Rabbit to Use a Litter Box

Watch more Pet Rabbit Guide videos: Did you know that rabbits can be litter-trained? Having a pr…

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24 Responses to “How to Train a Rabbit to Use a Litter Box”

  1. Christine Stewart says:

    All I do is put a bunch of the rabbits poop in the box and them he/she will
    poop in that box you really don’t need to do all this just put it’s poop in
    the box and it will know to use that corner and a toilet.

  2. Celeste Gonzales says:

    i loved the video

  3. litheandgraphic says:

    The actors in this video are amazing

  4. redwindrlz says:

    My spayed rabbit was a lot harder to litter train than my un-spayed rabbit.
    Explain that, while in the video it says that spayed rabbits are easier.

  5. slun4evka says:

    @aviswifey1808 How old is your bunny? Does it have a partner (a bunny of
    the opposite sex)? Some bunnies are never completly potty trained. My bunny
    pooped and peed only in her litter box but since she has a partner she
    poops EVERYWHERE. That’s normal though and I hope it’ll get better.

  6. Andrea Patane says:

    Rabbits can be trained to use the litter box just like cats.

  7. onstolentime says:

    “You will need a rabbit to train” Damn I knew I forgot something.

  8. Twigg Ies says:

    i need help on steps 1-11 i dont have a rabbit 😐

  9. Renee Girouard says:

    Omg love the people in this, and the bunny looks just like mine! <3

  10. HamSupZhai says:

    I love the enthusiasm the asian male has. Amusing.

  11. PuppY0fDooM says:

    thats cuz bunny training is level:Asian. they can tran all sortsa stuff.
    like cats to breastfeed and pokemon to evolve etc. and so things like doing
    both 8&9 are no prob.

  12. Natalie Truong says:

    @aviswifey1808 Like it said in the video, you should put white vinegar all
    over the house, so she won’t poop or pee anywhere in the housse except her
    litter box.

  13. William Stewart says:

    So i’m suppose to stain my whole carpet with vinegar.

  14. BloodyPocky15 says:

    never hit your bunny or shake that cage to “scold” your bunny

  15. Cammi Lynn says:

    I think that’s just to stop them from going. but that’s weird

  16. olive cindy says:


  17. Jayhawkgirl98 says:

    That really helped! THANKSS.

  18. Joan Smola says:

    Wow. That really helped ALOT! Thanks Howcast! Every day, I am constantly
    scrubbing rabbit urine off the floor, of almost every room, and now, I can
    put a STOP to it! :-)

  19. maddie kessler says:

    I’ve been training my bunny for a year now but he still poos everywhere!!!
    I don’t know what to do!!! I can’t hold him or play with him anymore now
    all his has is his play pen because he refuses to poo in his litter box

  20. e chantra says:

    This is awesome! Looking after a bunny for the first time so Thank you for

  21. tashy00 says:

    Hihi..Datu Puti vinegar…;-p

  22. Kimberly Rivas says:

    i love how hes doing some yoga stuff and the bunnys probably looking ofr
    the bathroom

  23. Taylorawesomness YAY says:

    You said “her” and i have a boy lol

  24. xnina7x says:

    Step 8: If you spot the bunny about to pee or poop away from the box, say
    NO in a loud voice and clap your hands! Step 9: Never scold your bunny.
    Well that is confusing =P

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