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Ferret Training 205: Teaching your ferret to come when called

This video is on how to teach hearing ferrets to come when called. A video on how to teach a deaf ferret to come will be up in the near future.

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49 Responses to “Ferret Training 205: Teaching your ferret to come when called”

  1. Marie Carpentier says:

    thank you. i have just one more question. would it be better for the two
    ferrets to be in the same cage or would it not change anything?

  2. Marie Carpentier says:

    and also, do ferrets like snow?

  3. Marie Carpentier says:

    hi Courtney,
    im gonna get a ferret soon, and so is my sister. i was wondering would it
    be better if they are brother and sister? does it matter at all? and we are
    going to get them at the same time, and we were wondering if it would be
    easier for them to get used to us if they are together the first few days.
    also, i have four siblings, and two of them are below eight years old.
    should we train our ferrets not to bite before we introduce them? and
    sorry, four more questions. so first, my little brother is going to get a
    hamster. would it be dangerous for the hamster to be around the ferrets?
    are ferrets ok with traveling in the car for two hours? how old do ferrets
    have to be to be adopted? and finally, do ferrets like daily walks to the
    park? thank you, and sorry… i just want to be ready and for my future
    ferret to have a happy life, and hopefully the hamster too…

  4. pajama dancer says:

    Thank you

  5. Nathan Hodgins says:

    I might be getting a ferret in a couple of years and I was wondering if a
    water bottle of water bowl is best? Could u tell me?

  6. Coykat YT says:

    So how would you train a ferret to stay? x3

  7. Alexia Jones says:

    What if your ferret is like a baby and as soon as you get the yreats in
    your hand they start vityler and licking you as if you were a treat also is
    iy better to atart with a clicker instead of their name

  8. Colin zorse says:

    trying to get my mom to say yes so i can get it for xmas

  9. loomie hammie says:

    Do ferrets bite people (like dogs) ? And is it OK if a ferret stays in a
    big playpen? And also, What treat did you use?

  10. LoneWolf32 says:

    I love how they run XD

  11. Emmalee Sutton says:

    I am scared to give my ferret feathery cat toys and shiny paper cat toys.
    Whats the yay or ney on this? is it okay to let them play with these or
    will they choke on them?

  12. Heather Woertendyke says:


  13. Nicholas Slakes says:

    hi can you make a video on how you you can get your ferrets to eat treats?
    my ferrets didn’t really grow up on treats and i want to give them some but
    the have no interest to eat them. :(

  14. Kimberly Hayes says:

    haha, Joey’s such a good boy… unlike my two. you should check my video.
    it’s called “my ferrets bandit and clover play”

  15. Cody Weller says:

    What treats do you use? My ferret won’t seem to eat anything other than his

  16. Caitlyn Crawford says:

    Is there a way to teach a ferret to stay like a dog

  17. MsRoCkGirl1000 says:

    I’d like to have a ferret but parents have huge doubt about that and I
    really need a lot of information to make them let me have one (dad is kind
    of okay with that now , hooray !) .. I couldn’t find much information so do
    you maybe know anything about allergy reactions and ferrets? And what about
    their smell? I heard that they smell even when they’re desexed but is that
    smell still strong or ……?

  18. Payton Lombes says:

    What if your ferret is scared of the clicker? what should you use to
    replace that?

  19. Heather Woertendyke says:

    my cat gary comes when i say my name

  20. skywise8 says:

    what treat do you give your ferret? i got a bag of ferret treats, but mine
    wasn’t interested in eating it.

  21. FrenzicFlurry says:

    My ferret doesn’t like anything I give her, even ferretone, I’ve tried
    multiple things to get her to try them, but she won’t. What can I do to get
    her to like treats? 

  22. Ailbhe Connaught says:

    What do ye use as treats? Some o me buds use raw meat etc. not a clue as
    don have one me self yet. An what do they eat? Govinment sez they should
    eat raw meat but I don know. Seems kinda weird

  23. tyrone shenquntea says:

    you have almost 7000 views 88 likes and no dislikes.
    thats how great you are. 

  24. Kawaii Ferret says:

    Awwww SO CUTE!

  25. pajama dancer says:

    and another thing my ferrets joey and gizmo always fight and joey is alot
    smaller so he always gets hurt is there a way to stop them from fighting

  26. Qilue2179 says:

    What are you giving him as a treat? The only treats that our ferrets seem
    to like are treats that require a lot of chewing.. like N-Bones or

  27. Jack Skellington says:

    Too cute! :)

  28. pajama dancer says:

    hi uum my ferret is named joey too lol and looks alot like yours but i have
    2 ferrets one uses the litterbox but joey wont do you know how to litter
    train them?

  29. Callie Jet says:

    HELP. I bought a ferret a few days ago (on impulse, like an idiot) and I
    have watched all these videos of ferrets being held and being all cuddly
    and she is not at all! All she want to do when she is out of her cage is
    run around and get into everything and hates being held she just wiggles
    out of your arms. Will this change or did I just get an unruly ferret? All
    the videos I watched of ferrets before buying her showed them as
    mischievious, but also cuddly. Mine doesn’t want to be held ever and I am
    really disapointed and kind of regret buying one.

  30. nicoleisthex says:

    Subscribed! I am so excited to be getting a ferret in a few months once I
    save up the money. I will definitely use your videos to help train him! (:

  31. Joey TheTrainedFerret says:

    Can you restate your question? I’m not sure what you’re asking.

  32. Joey TheTrainedFerret says:

    You could try rewarding with toys but I personally haven’t done that. Both
    of my ferrets that I have trained have been so food motivated I haven’t had
    to try other options. Let me know if it works! You could also try mixing
    the treat into his kibble for a few days to see if he tries it that way.

  33. Joey TheTrainedFerret says:

    Ferrets have anal glands that emit a bad odor when they get frightened. Its
    a defense mechanism they have. They don’t use it often, but when they do it
    can smell. A lot of pet store ferrets have already been descented when you
    buy them, meaning the glands have been removed. Joey is from a breeder so
    his are not removed because I didn’t want to put him through an unnecessary
    surgery. Ferrets also have a musky scent to them that is a lot worse if
    they are not spayed or neutered….

  34. Joey TheTrainedFerret says:

    Joey is a one year old :O)

  35. Joey TheTrainedFerret says:

    I already made one titled “What kind of treats should I feed my ferret?”
    Search for it on my channel :O)

  36. vadeepest07 says:

    Courtney you are cute, are ferrets hypoallergenic?

  37. opx1opx1 says:

    is calling them if you just start training or can you do it right when you

  38. Sarah Seelochan says:

    Do you have any tips on how to neck train your ferret ? :s or possibly do a
    video if you have the the time of course

  39. Amberly Frandsen says:

    treat video please

  40. opx1opx1 says:

    ok cause for me it might be hard to not say it at first

  41. Sarah Seelochan says:

    How young can you start training a ferret ?

  42. Joey TheTrainedFerret says:

    ….Joey gets a bath about once a month and I wash his bedding once a week.
    Too many baths can make their bodies overproduce that musky scent and
    actually make it worse! Washing the bedding often is the key in my opinion

  43. Mary Lamb says:

    Thanks so much! Will do :)

  44. Joey TheTrainedFerret says:

    I haven’t tried teaching this trick before…..mainly because Joey loves to
    jump off of things and I’m afraid he’ll hurt himself. I hope when he gets
    older he won’t jump so much and I can teach him. If your ferret is clicker
    trained then I would sit on a couch – or something else soft and put your
    ferret on your shoulder. When he shows signs of holding on or being still
    on your shoulder, click your clicker. Over time he should learn that is
    what you want.

  45. FerretTV says:

    I subscribed! I’m getting a ferret for Christmas from my dad and my sister.
    I’m really excited! I’m going to name him Mason (because last year a friend
    of mine named Mason passed away) so anyways, can’t wait!

  46. LUNA218068 says:

    how did you teach him his name?

  47. Joey TheTrainedFerret says:

    I wouldn’t worry about the not staying still part, that is just a normal
    baby ferret :O) I would be concerned about the diarrhea. I am not a vet,
    but I have heard that green diarrhea can be a symptom of ECE (epizootic
    catarrhal enteritis) I would contact a ferret knowledgeable vet in your
    area and let them check out your ferret as soon as you can! If you live in
    the US, you can look for a ferret vet on There is a link on
    there on the left hand column.

  48. rebecca ferrante says:

    Hi Joey and cortney I am a huge fan and was wondering if u can do a video
    about how to get you parents to let u get a ferret. Thx

  49. sian Gilbert says:

    why do you only have one ferret?

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