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How to Train a Horse to Canter

Once your horse is comfortable at a trot both posting and sitting, and you’re comfortable stopping and going, you can start to teach your horse how to canter…

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47 Responses to “How to Train a Horse to Canter”

  1. Anna Blaylock says:

    thanks but she was tought some thing so she cant lunge but dont worry i
    have her cantering galloping and jumping i think is pretty good for a
    standardbred that use to do trotting races but thanks for the advice

  2. andrextoiletroll says:

    hey, a few years ago i used to go riding, I’m 13 now btw. I was trotting
    around in a small arena and the instructor said to whip the horse if it
    went into the middle, she did not say how hard, i tapped the whip on the
    horse but it spooked and went into a canter and i fell of and winded mysef,
    I know thats not very extreme but it was scary, i didnt go back to riding
    but i want to ride again at a different stable, i really want to canter but
    im terrified. thanks :)

  3. MegaPinkBug says:

    I have a 3yo gypsy cob mare and have troubles to get her to canter as she
    can be lazy! any ideas on how i can get her into a quick canter without
    having to constantly kick? xx

  4. Lauren Wilson says:

    hey im riding a friends horse at the moment for her and trying to teach him
    to work on his cantering because he can canter but its like he’s unsure of
    it and it takes a lot of work to get him to do even one stride of canter,
    its not like he’s stubborn or anything he just acts as if he doesnt know
    how to canter so i was wondering if you had any advice on how to get him to
    canter??? :)

  5. MrsRockerchick101 says:

    Love your horse

  6. Kat Neale says:

    My mare does that bit with me – have you got her used to her sitting trot
    and the canter aids? If you have, or if she knows them, ask her, if she
    just speeds up or stops, give her her head for a minute or two then get her
    into a trot again, then ask her again. My mare has bucking occasionally in
    the canter but shes a nutter; she’ll go really horrible just before the
    transition so you either nearly come off or you have to post to save

  7. HeyyitzLivey says:

    Nice Video!! :)

  8. breyerhomie741 says:

    @megaria44 Act confident! You don’t want to be scared. Cantering is
    supposed to be fun, teach it to your horse that way! If your horse does
    buck that’s ok, there just learning! If your horse responds to a squeeze
    better, use a squeeze to get him/her to canter. Use light squeezing, then a
    little bit harder squeezing. If they canter, give them a BIG pat! Letting
    them know that’s what you wanted is how horses learn! You can also give
    them a treat after the session. Hope it helped!

  9. Zatanna45 says:

    Thanks I just finished trotting now moving on to canter and gallop!

  10. amy1596 says:

    i was taught to kiss because the horse i ride when you click he picks up
    the trop or moves faster at the trot

  11. Livy Seren says:

    @megaria44 I would have her canter without a rider first. So free lunging
    or lunging her so she get used to it. Don’t be afraid, I know that is way
    easier said then done, but when you’re confident your horse will feel that
    and she will feel confident too.

  12. breyerhomie741 says:

    Try squeezing. Or if you can 3 kicks then a crop on the butt. I ride a lazy
    thoroughbred, and he is a handfull! You can also try 6 kicks in a row, and
    then a crop. It’s a lot of kicking at first, but it’ll get easier!

  13. lacinaciciak says:

    This was a too smooth transition for the very first time. :)

  14. trackjunky789 says:

    big field! and dont cirlcle. keep the outside rien open, look where you
    want to go (very important to look!) and keep your leg on and driving them

  15. Sarah Christine says:

    @AnimalLoverKayla Clearly, but that is not what I was implying. This woman
    has a very well trained mare. If she were to take a horse that was
    beginning to learn the ropes, it would make more sense. Not just going
    straight from trot to canter, but showing the steps that clearly
    demonstrate how to achieve that. Basically I’m saying that this video
    provides little helpful instruction to anyone who has a green horse (or a
    horse still in training), which is what most people are looking for help

  16. Nick Buseski says:

    I took your advise and I got 100 with my horse back riding lessons

  17. Haileyandbuddy says:

    @Edible2010 If he/she bombs off pull her back to a trot. Trot for about 5
    minutes then try again. If she does it again say easy and reapeat. It’s a
    treacherous job, but worth it.

  18. Lyrics VEVO says:

    Hi, my 3y.o stockhorse wont canter without trying to throw me off. We have
    owned her for about a year/ish and she still has the same problem. I’ve
    tried the crop, but she just kicks at it, on and off mount. Someone once
    tried getting her to canter by chasing a whip behind her, (not in a kicking
    distance) but nearly kicked in the leg up. We are going into the situation
    of spurs, and Milly (the 3y.o) isnt forward moving at ALL. Please help! I
    am really getting sick of this thanks for your time

  19. Sarah Christine says:

    Why would you demonstrate this with a well broke and trained horse? It
    would have been better to show what you can do to encourage a green horse.

  20. horsebackgirl96 says:

    depending which reighn ur on you might wanna include (say ur on the right
    reighn) move ur left foot behind the girth to squeeze and before u canter
    ur first time on ur horse lunge it with u not on him to see how he moves!

  21. Langly Miles says:

    umm that is how you teach a horse to canter??? not that easy

  22. Molly Smith says:

    This horse knows how to canter already. You are a good rider and would
    probably make a good trainer, but if you want to show people how to train
    their horse, I suggest using a horse that is learning to canter , not
    already knows it

  23. mysticfaerieluna says:

    I have a green horse and I admit that I am a green rider making it a very
    challenging situation. My mare canters beautifully with an advance rider on
    her. My friend who is helping me train her says for me to put my inside hip
    forward (along with proper leg position for asking canter) an that its all
    in my seat. ugh…I just dont understand how to do this. Help!!!

  24. Hgarb Rluf says:

    Thats good if you have a horse who likes the arena. Unlike mine.

  25. S.Jay says:

    @megaria44 I know if they aren’t in shape they will be more likely to
    canter, but if it is in shape it will be harder. I don’t know anything else

  26. Karla I says:

    Well, My horse is 12 and She is a Pure Welsh. She hasn’t been ridden in 2
    years and can’t canter. :( She will bolt and there is no stopping her. I
    now have been jumping nicce on her and I feel ready to canter, and she
    keeps cantering after jumps but comes back to a trot. does anyone think I
    should Trust my mare and Canter her?

  27. TheBestBlackMaggic says:

    Its not that easy! no matter how hard i squeeze/kick, cluck, my horse still
    won’t canter! any tips?

  28. Anna Blaylock says:

    thankyou if u want to see how good she is my watch my videos. :)

  29. grace rae says:

    this is crap

  30. Kayla Shelton says:

    Unusual horse goes to buck when I canter her

  31. horsesforever44 says:

    I have been cantering for over 2 years now, and all of the sudden whenever
    me and my horse go left on a canter she always goes on the wrong lead. but
    whenever we go right she gets on the right lead all the time. ive tried
    different things to get her back in the habit of going on the right lead in
    both directions but nothing is working and im so frustrated. can someone
    help me?!

  32. JustRuthiey says:

    @natbagsxx if your horse wont canter try lounging with a saddle on She/he
    may have a problem with the weight, for a couple of days try with just the
    saddle, when you do finely get on to canter be patient make sure to sit
    forward/give forward motion I used to slacken the reins & put my hand up by
    my mares ears so she could go her own speed. In a few weeks I will be
    teaching a Holsteiner gelding (4yrs), Jungle Book, to canter. I might have
    a video that would help you. PM me if you need help.

  33. Blu Dogg says:

    have you tried going back to basics? On the ground, first in the round pen
    to allow them some freedom and then on a line? I worked with a 12yr old
    arab where the previous owner tried to teach him to gait, it took me a week
    to reestablish his natural sense of balance, but we finally got all the
    gaits and smooth transitions. His new owner is a little old man and he
    loves him; “smooth as glass.”

  34. Sasha Repko says:

    One tip to move your horse : always sit deep and your feet down then tell
    him to walk on thats what i do? lol

  35. Laura Mabey says:

    @TheBestBlackMaggic I haven’t cantered (well loped b/c I ride western) my
    pony yet but I am doing lots of work lunging her. Now, I’m not sure about
    english, but in western we cluck to trot and kiss to canter, and when I
    lunge my pony I’ve taught her that when I kiss and say “canter” that means
    canter. So my adivce would be, do lots of work lunging your horse.

  36. Holly Frances Palmer says:

    Why do you wear spurs?

  37. trickster_is_rawr says:

    My horse has only cantered with me on him twice he doesn’t hold for very
    long but I know he’s got the muscles cause he’s an ex-racehorse

  38. AllyRomeo♥ says:

    @myhorserider24 Good job! *I THINK 100 is good, right? That’s what I
    thought. I LIVE on a stable/ranch thing! I GET lessons. I don’t get points
    or anything, though. Haha :)*

  39. Livy Seren says:

    That’s awesome! Well done =D

  40. Mr2tongues says:

    What a lovely horse! My horse was very difficult to get to canter because
    she didn’t understand my aids, we started off out on a hack following a
    safe horse and getting them to canter a little way so she would follow, I
    always used the same aids and said “canter” at the same time. Once she was
    happy with this I started to be able to canter in the school. Just don’t
    expect too much too soon and be happy with a few nice strides, good luck!

  41. lucylovesrats says:

    @horsezrcool1 It should be okay, it’s really up to you if you think you and
    your horse are ready but do it in an arena obveously for if she does bolt
    them she hopefully cannot go to far, or even try someone leading her or
    somthing :)

  42. kerriemasseyx says:


  43. MrsShidz says:

    I don’t think it was the horses first time! And she’s got spurs on too. I
    want to see videos of a horse cantering for the first time and the struggle
    that’s involved lol (I’m trying to teach my horse at the moment)

  44. applerules100 says:

    @thejesut duh his was most likely done with a horse that knows how to
    canter with you on it just to demonstrate…

  45. JacksEarth says:

    Can anyone give me some advice? Not looking for any criticism, but I
    recently purchased my lovely boy Simba, who is a 16.2 of the track
    thoroughbred. I love him to pieces and he isn’t forward going at all, he’s
    very laid back. However, He finds it difficult to canter and always dips
    into canter on a smaller circle and I try to keep him to the outside but he
    just slows down to a trot, has anyone got any advice on how to try and
    persuade him to canter on the outside? Thank you.

  46. amax7895 says:

    @horserider71494 if your mare is very temperamental, I suggest Mare Magic,
    which is an addition to feed, which calms your mare down to make her less
    wild and easier to handle. I used it on my mare and it worked!

  47. Taylor Brooks says:

    This is kind of pointless because the horse already knows how to canter and
    does perfect transitions…

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