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Pet Rodents : How to Train a Hamster

Training a hamster is done by handing them frequently at a young age to get them socialized and comfortable with human contact. Begin training a hamster as e…

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32 Responses to “Pet Rodents : How to Train a Hamster”

  1. ender cookie says:

    my hamster had a leg bitten of when i bought her :( sad

  2. optimusmikey says:

    chinese hamsters r not dwarfs

  3. bashscrazy says:

    @EricX908 that’s the order name of hamsters, rats, squirrels and shiii~

  4. Monika Tomanovska says:

    It’s probably a female and it will never calm down. Males tend to be calmer
    and sleepy most of the time :)

  5. Michi B. says:

    you should never hold a hamster, that dont know you in that way! Hamster
    are quickly scared, sometimes they bite, because there are afraid. You
    should speak firstly with the hamster, give it some healthy food out of a
    hand, that is not moving! Maby the hamster trys so climb on you hand, then
    you can put your hand a bit up. When he is scared, down again. So a hamster
    will maby get good handling, but especially the little hamster types can
    sometimes never be open to humans. You should respect that

  6. Kessiah Faith says:

    what bedding is best for hamsters?

  7. dminter100 says:

    @majesty99ful if thats your definition of rats your a rat.

  8. Xrarianna Brown says:

    omg i went to pets mart yesturdsy and got tht like the one in her hand like
    really yhose r my hamsters and i no this cause tht russian won was in there
    to lol

  9. goprobros3 says:

    When you said that you should handle them a lot. Do you handle them right
    after you get them or a couple days after?

  10. EverythingLegit101 says:

    My sister looked at me like i was crazy when i clicked on this. ( no
    hamster )

  11. goo lin says:

    but my hamster keep running away from me, i cant even catch them?help me

  12. optimusmikey says:

    @sierrathoune 1st of animals r not its and robos r not meant 2 be held

  13. Adriana Figueroa says:

    i cant even hold him….. he is too fast and run away

  14. Dongzhi Guo says:

    is it normal for my dwarf hamster to be a little shakey? because when i
    hole him he always tries to run out and he falls back into the cage…im
    scare he might break his leg someday… also when he is on my hand i feel
    him shaking i feel like he is still scared and not comfortable with me even
    though i pet him everyday for the last 5 months! pls help

  15. sierrathoune says:

    I have A Robo hamster so this wasn’t really any help, also I got my hamster
    from Petland and they let kids hold them with out anybody watching them so
    I think my hamster is scared of me also I want to return it ’cause it’s no
    fun if all you can do is watch it and run in it’s ball. Should I really
    runturn it I had it for 1 or 2 weeks.

  16. bitchesforevah says:

    Basically you put the hamster on the wheel. Don’t let it jump off of it!
    move the wheel very slowly, so that the hamster has to walk on it. Do this
    a little bit every day. I’m not a hamster expert, but I did this a little
    bit every day, and then one time I came home and my hamster was running on
    it! If you try this and it works, please tell me(: bye(:

  17. NintendoEdge22 says:

    Hey guys! i need an opionion! should i get a russian dwarf hamster? or a
    chinese hamster?

  18. K M says:

    everytime i pick up my hamsters 1 of them bites me because 1 of them is my
    sisters and when i pick mine up mine dosent usally bite me

  19. Trysta Kosel says:

    It is a Chinese dwarf

  20. idog678 says:

    I try to hold my hamster but it runs like 100mph when i try to catch it i
    have a robovaswki hamster

  21. DjDrummerify says:

    ive been looking for a vid forhow to pick up a hamster ( dwarf hamster ) nd
    hold it a way it cnt bite you im doin all this looking at age 11 can u make
    a vid of tht

  22. WeHateBarbki says:

    i cant pick up my little hamster and i dont want to bite me 9 time!

  23. Brittany Ann says:

    that’s what i was worrying about too. i’m about 99% he’s a male, as it’s
    easy to see. but i can’t hold him for 10 seconds to find out.

  24. Kristina Doble says:

    awww i got like the same little hamsters>i got 2 little ones :) <3 xxx

  25. HeyweeezY says:

    Its not a hamster its a rat…..

  26. crisma ramsey says:

    well i have a hamster usally when hamsters are bored they get on it but if
    it ever fell on your hamster its probally scared of it you should pick your
    little hammie up and put him/her on the wheel let him/her get used to it

  27. Kuromi1810 says:

    @SilverBellPros Try to buy some treats or toys to let the hamster have
    something to play with,maybe your hamster is bored……..

  28. kaokinx400 says:

    @marioshrederz9991 robos are the best!

  29. Captmiloman says:

    The video should be titled “How To Hold Your Hamster”.

  30. DjDrummerify says:

    nd it bites me

  31. Megaelitetja says:

    mine 2

  32. Hamsn Rats says:

    @koopa64z What´s the difference between hand walking and running in a wheel
    which hamsters do a lot?

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