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How To Tame Your Dwarf Hamster


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36 Responses to “How To Tame Your Dwarf Hamster”

  1. WidgetLovesYou says:

    Just a tip for new hamster owners:

    Some hamsters just don’t like being picked up/going on hands. One of my
    robos will NEVER go on my hand, she only puts 2 paws on it to get a treat.
    So if your hamster refuses to go any further on your hand, it just means
    they aren’t like other hamsters. My other robo loves going on my hand and
    getting treats, she even goes to my wrist! Really just matters on the
    hamsters personality. ^_^

  2. KʀᴇᴍoᴡᴋᴀPL says:

    my hamster still bites me. I have him for a year now and since day 2 (i let
    him explore the cage for the first day) and i really dont knwo whatto do.
    He only likes to go on my hand if i wear gloves. i tried the trick with the
    food so he associates me with giving him treats but he refuses to listen.
    iguess i just have to get used to it…

  3. DoctorGreen says:

    My hamsters keep nibbling my fingers and one of them bit the tip of my
    finger and wouldn’t let go, he didn’t draw any blood, but is this normal?

  4. killer 14 says:

    why dont you get a cage

  5. hussein ajami says:

    it kinda help

  6. purpleperfect9 says:

    Haha! My hamster looks like that and his name is Boo!

  7. Aamir Wahhab says:

    Wow that’s a really good video. Very helpful.

  8. pinkoholic says:

    We have the same hamster

  9. Stephanie Guillen says:

    Will this still work if u had it for about a year or two??

  10. Blin Boju says:

    i will try these steps starting tomorrow because i got my hamster about 2
    days ago and every time i put my hand in the cage he nibbles my hand

  11. Reborn Babies says:

    How big is the wheel in inches

  12. Cole Taddei says:

    How do you get them to stop biting 

  13. HAMHATTAN says:

    whenever i get a new hamster, i pick them up and play with them on the
    first day. if it’s a hamster that may bite, i use a treat to lure it to my
    hand. i don’t like to wait several days until the hamster decides to come
    to me. besides, the hamsters are already tame. and also children especially
    when they get a hamster want to interact with it and play with it so they
    won’t have the patience to leave it alone for 3 days or more. 

  14. Sergio Linares says:

    Will this work even if you had your hamster for about 3 months

  15. michelle perry says:

    What if do not have a will

  16. RoseASLpro says:

    Thanks for the tips.

  17. itsmecelinau says:

    Great and helpful video thanks

  18. BunnyHelper159 says:

    If anyone wants a bunny checkout my channel I’m making videos on rabbits 

  19. janie19 says:

    Very informative! Thank you

  20. hamsterhelper9 says:

    It’s not her cage….. If you listened you would hear me explain how
    bedding is OPTIONAL! You should only have your hamster in the cage for a
    few mintues anyways.

  21. heh. aliyah says:

    how did you get her to stop biting?

  22. hamsterhelper9 says:

    Cool!! Have fun with it!

  23. loganater1114 says:

    thanks this helped alot!!!

  24. GoldGlitterGirl says:

    *cant!! sorry for commenting a billion times

  25. M. Bax says:

    Please tell me thats not its everyday cage… If so,thats a really really
    bad cage

  26. Lauryn KnowsYou says:

    you do know thats not her cage…

  27. karen tobias says:

    wat if the hamster bites your hand and make you bleed

  28. Millie Casey says:

    is that your hamsters cage ?

  29. Elizabeth Carlisle says:

    I’ve tried that before also but he finds a way to bite me… I use gloves
    now when I handle him.

  30. hamsterhelper9 says:

    Thank you very much for your opinion ^-^ Have a nice day

  31. hamsterhelper9 says:


  32. WarriorCatsKitten says:

    It’s not his cage. It’s a taming/play bin. You don’t need to waste bedding
    for that,

  33. xoValxo says:

    please stop messaging me

  34. hala khamis says:

    he doesn’t eat any thing no fruits no vegetables and he doesn’t eat he’s
    normal food he’s new what to do please help me

  35. alex smith says:

    Omg is that all her/his cages?! No it’s not optional to add bedding you
    NEED bedding. And chew toys or the teeth will overgrow and kill them.
    Where’s the water bottle??! I’m sorry but your pet will die without the
    essential needs

  36. hamsterhelper9 says:

    I let them walk onto something then put them into the bin ^-^

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