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How To Litter Train Rats

This is my video showing you how to litter train rats. Hope you enjoy :) x Remember any comments or questions, leave them down bellow. If you like my channel…

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22 Responses to “How To Litter Train Rats”

  1. animalinfo4you says:

    Oh my gosh! Your videos! Their getting so professional! I love the music,
    the lighting, the filming and of course, Cookie and Sugar! Great job! <33

  2. Roquefort The Rat says:

    You’re videos are always improving!! I love it :) Great tips!! This will
    help when I start litter training my ratties!!! 

  3. hamsterloverforever1 says:

    Wonderful video! Very informal
    awwww the ratties and awww cookie in the little house sooo cute hehe
    this is great for new rat owners to know how to litter train them and it is
    much easier to clean a litter box every day or few than having a big cage
    full of litter!
    I will share this with my friend u know the one that rescued that poor rat
    from a horrible owner! She has been having trouble with litter training!

  4. PetitePets says:

    Great video, lovely editing :) your rats are adorable! x

  5. Fluffy Critters says:

    <3 the video 

  6. thebunnyshed1 says:

    Great video my boys trained really quickly ! I’m so surprised how good they
    are at learning ! I love your editing ad your black and white ratty looks
    like my Archie x

  7. LuandAshshedzoo says:

    Very professional video i loved it xxxx

  8. MissSparkleSpots says:

    I loved the video even tho I don’t have rats I loved it anyway I saw your
    lovely comments on my 2 videos I uploaded today and I will try to upload
    every Sunday also I’m not shure about how to get on to privet message
    because I would loke to do that trad we talked about over a year ago x

  9. TheMiniFurries says:

    AAwwww! ♥ 

  10. Chins N Birdcare says:

    great video :)
    very informative will help lots of rat owners x

  11. unlockwall says:


  12. The Pet Place says:

    Amazing video as always!!! Very helpful!!! :-) Xx

  13. Mathildaplum says:

    In the first clip I thought it was a picture of a rat until the nose

  14. Rachel Jones says:

    great vidio very detaled vidio! ♡♥♡ 😉 :D

  15. Filomena Mendes says:

    Thank you so much XD I got my rats for the first time some weeks ago and
    your channel is so helpful

  16. MissSparkleSpots says:

    Thanks and how do you get the molti colored writing because I edit my
    videos woh that too

  17. colorsfor hamsters says:

    This was so very nicely edited!! This will definitely help any rat owner as
    you are so helpful!! Great video PEACHY PETPARADISE!!!!! Xxxx

  18. Happy Hammy says:

    Eeeekkk!! First comment!! I loved the video, very will edited and
    informative. :) aww your ratties are sooo cute! 

  19. FurrieFriends says:

    Fab video! It was very well edited, and aww your rats are the cutest<3 Very
    informative too! xxxxx 

  20. Binky Bunnies says:

    Very professional video!! Amazing tips! xx

  21. MissSparkleSpots says:

    Loved the video your rats are so cute also I don’t want to be nosy but
    could you tell me what editor you use ?? :)


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