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Pet Rabbit Care : How Train Your Rabbit to Use a Litter Box

Learn from an exotic animal health technician as she explains how to train a pet rabbit to use a litter box in this free online video. Expert: Sarah Tingle C…

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46 Responses to “Pet Rabbit Care : How Train Your Rabbit to Use a Litter Box”

  1. sarys73 says:

    I have never been one for pets as I do not like barking and do not like
    cats resting on my music equipment. I have lived pet free for over 30 yrs.
    I am now 40 I really want to gently pet an animal but can’t do a dog or cat
    and ya really cant do much with scorpion, fish or snake. Today I spent the
    whole day researching my options and I think rabbit is right for me. Now
    to figure out what breed I want. I do no’t have children so no worries
    about someone hurting my rabbit. I do not want very long hair. I would like
    ear or ears to stand up but no necessary. And I do not want the biggest
    ones out there as I have seen some pretty huge rabbit pic WOW they are

  2. Kashif Kadri says:

    My rabby is already traind named snowy (by me) he know do this all things
    in cage and when he is in too pressure he hops and run fast then I know
    what he want I put him in cage and phew!! Lol

  3. ponyangel1987 says:

    My bunny won’t do anything when he doesn’t get his citronella pine wood
    shavings. You just have to watch for high quality shavings they use for
    horse-boxes and such and don’t smack the top on the litterbox (if you even
    want to use a top) immediately. Aside of that, another reason not to use
    the clay clump litterbox-stuff, rabbits tend to eat them, and yeah, even in
    the stomach they clump together and you can all guess what happens next.
    And they dig in them. XD Leaving your house one big box.

  4. xylphoem says:

    weird my rabbit came trained o.0

  5. crazychicks4life53 says:

    @Italian97Girl her name is sarah and the bunny’s name is halibut. listen
    just one more time.

  6. LisaLeftEyeFan says:

    @YugiohGeek123 well i guess if u can use it for hamster and guinea pigs im
    sure u can have it for rabbits

  7. Taylor Izak says:

    Very helpful. Thank you.

  8. CrazyDuckie94 says:

    My bunny was £5 He was a hand reared runt that was shunned by his mother Im
    picking him up tomorrow x

  9. jacob mastro says:

    why the fuck would you take the shit and put it in the litter box? I put it
    in the motherfucking toilet… and cats naturally shit in litter boxes?
    WHAT THE FUCK I had to teach mine… and come on… really? take a shower
    your hair is really dirty, but hey what do I know right? Im just a asshole
    that gets called a asshole sooo…..

  10. Agnes Dahlberg says:

    Hi, my rabbit doesn’t eat hay! I’ve tried all types, but he just won’t eat
    it! Help please!

  11. VivienistheName says:

    Hi, I was wondering is your rabbit a baby rabbit? Because im having trouble
    training mine..

  12. Payton Kuta says:

    I am getting a rabbit to day and I need advice for all the things I need to
    do and thanks for the advice for the litter box

  13. VivienistheName says:

    I have a rabbit thats only a month old. Im trying to train her but its not
    exactly working. .. Does anyone have any tips?

  14. lexiebug2 says:

    Whats wrong with it’s leg? :'(

  15. jagob69 says:

    Must suck for you, then.

  16. GeorgePetLover says:

    i start training my rabbit… and i use hay and he poops in them already!

  17. ketorin902 says:

    @rainbowepic19 me too I really want one

  18. rikeeee41 says:

    My holland flop eared rabbit is jenny…she so lovable thank u

  19. Jay Rodriguez says:

    This bitch doesn’t know what she talking about

  20. Warriorcatsrock543 says:

    Hi, I’m Haylie, and i’m buying a rabbit soon. I am looking all over the
    internet for info about what to feed my rabbit. My rabbit is a baby Rex
    rabbit that is black with a white arm and chest. Any1 please tell me were
    to find info for what to feed my baby rabbit. Oh btw my rabbits name is
    Rumphis OR Rumple, yeah they’re pretty weird names lol! THX!!

  21. Sophia Smith says:

    @applerules100 change there bedding because the ink is very bad for them

  22. aglover100 says:

    my rabbit has pellet food so if i use pellet bedding is she gonna try and
    eat it, and if she does, will it hurt her??

  23. ONEdai12 says:

    is that train as you can put hay stuff some where else in the cage and the
    rabbit will still poop in the box or you still have to put the hay in the
    box and the rabbit with always go in the box

  24. khunopie says:

    does deficate mean take a shit?

  25. Hannah1996Berry says:

    @applerules100 haha thats normal mine r always ripping up their newspaper
    and chewing at it

  26. ThatsSoChizz says:

    @agfan098 no you cant idiot

  27. Ross Lynch says:

    my peed on me now :( thats why am here

  28. isaac beaulieu says:

    dont crap were you eat obvously that saying didnt come from rabbits

  29. Ksflippy says:

    @stephanieguedea Its normal for rabbits to eat their own droppings

  30. BluOceanBubbles says:

    @Warriorcatsrock543 He’ll be fine; just make sure you start feeding him
    only an eggcup full per day (though you might want to cut down on the
    pellets gradually). Pellets are very rich so rabbit’s only need a small
    amount. :) A bunch of hay per week isn’t really enough – rabbits need
    unlimited hay, so you should supply him with fresh hay every day. So just
    make sure he has a constant supply of hay (don’t worry, hay won’t make your
    rabbit overweight). Thank you, and good luck with your rabbit!:)

  31. imawesome9858 says:

    And ya I totally agree with politalianprincess!!! Please adopt!!! I got my
    bunny at a shelter and I love her much!!! She is sooo awesome and I saved
    her from living at the shelter for ever!!! Please adopt and donate. Please

  32. Hakara Mizu says:

    so does mine

  33. BluOceanBubbles says:

    @Agnesstation Rabbits will often not eat their hay if you are giving them
    too many pellets. Make sure you only give him a small amount of pellets
    once a day – an eggcup full is enough. If your rabbit still won’t eat it,
    try different types of hay from different stores since some hay is tastier
    than others.

  34. Wolfspawproductions says:

    my rabbit looks like the one in the video and my rabbit is a guy but he
    looks like he has long eyelashes , he so adorable~

  35. CichlidsRus says:

    Bugsy is a ginipig

  36. Haleysbubzvlog says:

    I just got a new bunny today and im scared to pick it up i held for three
    seconds…gently like im supposed to. then i carefully put her back in her
    cage closed it….. and ran

  37. Vitalie Cobzac says:

    nonsense, rabbits are for food

  38. RPC5181 says:

    @Hrko1992 haha nice 1

  39. jim bob says:

    My rabbit eats everything even my guitar.

  40. Alex Ryndak says:

    you put it in the litter box so that the rabbit knows this is where you
    want him/her to do his/her business.

  41. Yoshi Kart says:

    my male rabbit developed a complete bald spot under its’ chin…is that
    normal or should I be concerned?.

  42. Alanna Miller says:

    he obviously enjoys digging, so give him a cardboard box filled with a LOT
    of newspaper shreddings/torn up paper, or you could try giving him a box
    full of sand, but i’m not sure if that’s good for them also he would
    probably spill it all around the cage…

  43. Reid Traynor says:

    1:00 my rabbit does that all the time its sooooooo cute

  44. ponypaula says:

    My rabbit goes in the cat’s litter box when he is running around outside
    his cage; cat not so happy! :)

  45. Mizuki Sama says:

    I got a baby bunny yesterday! He’s already fully litter trained! He wasn’t
    nervous at all when I brought him all, he wanted to come out of his cage to
    binky! He eats and poops and pees like he’s been in my house forever! He’s
    already tame and loves to cuddle and when he’s 7 months old we’re going to
    neuter him. He’s running around at the moment. :3

  46. Renae Chay says:

    @JayyKehd You’re stupid.

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