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Teach your cat to “shake” paws, is the first step before teaching a “high-five”. Thanks for the “likes”, comments, shares and for subscribing. Subscribe to C…

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  1. Standifer Gap Pet Hospital says:

    Want to REALLY impress? Teach your cat!!!

    And by the way, it’s National High Five Day!

  2. FluffyKittenzGaming says:

    i has no idea how to train a cat but some how i trained my cat to sit it
    was so cute X3
    and trained her to sit up =D

  3. Spidergirl79 says:


  4. oly carel says:

    + 1 subscriber

  5. Nuttela Grunt says:

    Step.1 Tap your cat’s head intil angry
    Step.2 Put your hand in front of the cat’s paw
    Step.3 Win

  6. Freza Alance says:

    SHE CUTE KWKAKWA …… i love cat from Ethernesia

  7. waantje02directioner says:

    Yeh that did not work by my cat my cat is a fighter so when i tried to
    teach her that she bit me a couple times

  8. tulisa stone says:

    Love your videos 😀 keep it up

  9. justie leol says:

    Have to test on my Simba!

  10. Amelia Bee says:

    I love how towards the end, that second time she’s like “where’s my food,
    human?” XD

  11. Simón Blanco Estévez says:

    Who said cats can’t be trained? I trained my cat to play fetch only by
    playing with him, didn’t even do it on purpose at first. I have 0
    experience and it’s the 1st cat I ever had.
    Nice channel, and lovely cat you’ve got there. Will be watching to learn
    more stuff and try it at home. Thanks!

  12. villieleon says:

    Sweety!!! ^_^

  13. ladolcesandra says:

    btw. she looks so beautiful!

  14. LatkaTheCat says:

    She is so adorable! I just want to hug and kiss her! :)

  15. Sherri B. says:

    She is such a good kitty.

  16. Khalid Alkamali says:

    2:07 She looked bored

  17. Dean Webb says:

    She is so smart and so pretty!

  18. JeanetteJeanette11 says:

    Awesome bideod do glad i found you. Fid you know you sre festurrd on Dr.
    Beckers newsletter. She works in tandem with Dr. Mercola.

  19. Kim Holland says:

    My cat just walks around me and wraps his tail around me or lays down, but
    he rarely just sits and looks at me, so I am not sure how to get him in a
    position where I can do the paw technique.

  20. Andromediane says:

    Hi! I am having some trouble with this. My cat sits on command just fine,
    with or without a treat. He will not shake at all unless he smells a treat
    first. If he knows you have a treat, he will shake on command all day.
    Without that smell though, NOTHING! Not even a paw lift! How can I change
    this behavior? 

  21. clover_bunny says:

    Great videos! So far, I’ve taught my cats how to high-five, and now they
    always just try to high-five when I come near them with the clicker. Any
    suggestions for how to introduce other tricks, while still rewarding them
    for the high-five?

  22. HazelandBen Reeves-Moore says:

    Thanks so so much

  23. Diana Rui says:


  24. Sugar Lafaux says:

    I came from a story Yahoo News and I am mighty impressed.

  25. r0gu3med1c says:

    I just saw you walking Didga! Epic!!

  26. MrDillas1 says:

    Its cute when she looks up at him and shakes the hand

  27. Lovegirl1able says:

    It must be cool to have a cat that can do sooo many tricks! xox

  28. CATMANTOO says:

    Just use a verbal marker like good or yes

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