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How To Teach Your Bird To Talk

This is a guide to teaching your bird/parikeet into talking the words that you say. =) hope this helps=) Please Check Out this video on my other channel i ma…

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43 Responses to “How To Teach Your Bird To Talk”

  1. hayley kendal says:


  2. jay kingston says:

    its works ty

  3. Olivia Stark says:

    funny how he jumped on the camera.(or was it your shoulder)

  4. 84sblack says:

    Great vid, peace from CANADA.

  5. Andrea Somers says:

    Sounds easy, thanks for uploading

  6. Elliot Zapico says:

    Nice budgie but mines better

  7. Michael Cummings says:

    You tottally got the title wrong! It should be”How to Watch a Budgie
    Does George misbehave a lot?

  8. limabean13 says:

    He’s so adorable:-) I’m hoping to adopt one (or two) in the future.

  9. LoveLauren xo says:

    Very cute budgie :)

  10. Hayley Hashfield says:

    Just watched your video. George is so cute and tame!! Thanks for the video

  11. Erin Rainbow says:

    that’s the bird I want but my mom says no what do I do?

  12. BigBadgers2001 says:

    George is nuts. What a great little character. lol.

  13. lucilda gonzalez says:

    cute birds


  14. Eric McBride says:

    Your budgie is so cute

  15. Alana Mar says:

    A parakeet into a chat!

  16. BanaanZombie says:

    Omg you have to film that haha

  17. shayla thach says:

    What a cute budgie

  18. Fiona Lewis says:

    any bird,or just parts and paritcheets?

  19. Daniel Castro says:

    that bird looks like the one my cousin haves

  20. Friesiansarebest says:

    What is that colour, i have never seen it before?

  21. Lina Abdalla says:

    i have the same birdy

  22. Annalisa kamal says:

    Parrots can mimick sounds really well. All you need to do is to repeat a
    word everyday and they will probably start talking. But since you have 6 I
    don’t think it’s possible to teach them to talk.

  23. Prima MC says:

    When my budgies want to tell me sth they both use to say “Hey Amir” (thats
    my first name) But that´s all I think I understand as human language 😉

  24. ThePyrosgirl77 says:

    He’s adorable!!!Budgies can talk too,but alot of people don’t realize that
    they are just as talented and smart as other birds.I have a video of my
    Cockatiel,Sunny,dancing while talking.Anyway,great video!Reminds me of my
    brother’s Parakeet,Keety,who was a fantastic talker and could say not only
    his name but my brother’s as well!!!

  25. dawnmccarthy1 says:

    That bird is the sweetest thing. <3

  26. Mark Mueller says:

    I love ur bird it’s so funny

  27. BirdsAndBeyond says:

    Hi everyone, i haven’t made much videos lately because i don’t know what to
    do, could you please comment on this video what you would like to see more
    of, thanks: BirdsAndBeyond.

  28. Evil Troollz says:

    Thank you, my bird Paul is on his way to talking. He is making some sounds
    that happen around the house. Good luck with you and your budgie!

  29. CrystalYunixy says:

    Budgie 😀 They are very cute and lovely birds :)

  30. TheFunkhouser says:

    Yeah true. I have a Cockatiel. My first one called TimTam died 9 months ago
    and we still miss him heaps,

  31. TheRebecka1999 says:

    He’s so hyper! I’m still probably getting a cockatiel because I will always
    like a bit bigger birds.. but now maybe a budgie 😀 The same cage will be
    used probably so the budgie will get a lot of space.

  32. Worgen Nails says:

    what up that kids get birds faster tamed :/?

  33. SaltyLicorice says:

    Teach me how you tamed it! Mine seems to be scared of me and doesn’t even
    want to come out of the cage. HELP!!!!!1

  34. jrfoleyjr says:

    First off with parakeets, if it is a female forget it. You will never get a
    female to talk. We have bred, tamed and raised hundreds of parakeets and
    never had a female talker. ALL of our budgies were finger tame. Our breeder
    females had free flight access. We never had more than two females nesting
    but mostly only one. Our last one was named Binky and she would fly to us
    as soon as either of us entered the room. She loved to sit on the shoulder
    and give kisses. She even let us handle hatchlings.

  35. jose lazaro says:

    he is calm cuz his wings are clipped

  36. Roberto Alves says:

    search yellow face type 2

  37. AshenSky says:

    All I’m doing is defend the animal’s rights, and what I get for it is
    insults. So this is our society.

  38. Annie Cat says:

    im sorry but i would buy a budgie because its funny when it talks not just
    that also i love animals and they are sold in the shop to be looked after
    and loved and thats is what i will do . so quit starting arguments if you
    are so mature and know so much about animals then you would be the adult in
    the argument and ignore them this is mean’t to be a nice video and you have
    just ruined by posting pointless comments

  39. lumo247742 says:

    I love George 😀

  40. Lupe gtz says:


  41. tomicfh says:

    I want to buy myself a parrot and I really like yours. What’s the name of
    the species? Really amazing video. Thanks!

  42. Lexis Rose says:

    It looked like he was trying to kiss the camera. Lol

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