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Funny Cat Video Talking Siamese…How To Train Your Cat..GUARANTEED!

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15 Responses to “Funny Cat Video Talking Siamese…How To Train Your Cat..GUARANTEED!”

  1. Angel Jacobs says:

    that was not that funny but it was cute

  2. Cindy Henke says:

    That poor baby needs her nails clipped!

  3. Mycommentsgethumbsup says:


  4. Beasley Perkins says:

    Let me in! Come on! Give a kitty a hand dude!

  5. rob seth says:

    this cat wants to be part of your family.

  6. Alissa Forst says:


  7. Lollonestyle says:

    Sounds more like a dude to me

  8. NoodleStudioRecords says:

    bitch always talkin an such

  9. Melany Klohoker says:

    awww sounds like my Ollie!

  10. Perlita Habanera says:

    give him some food, he is hungry!!!

  11. pardyhardly says:

    It’s probably one of those neighborhood poacher cats, the ones who befriend
    neighbors for extra food and attention. We used to have a little grey tabby
    cat named Missy in our neighborhood who made an artform out of it.

  12. broadcastmadnesss says:

    “she has a lot to say. she must be a female” lol

  13. DoeDonDoe says:

    aww she’s gorgeous. Siamese cats are very chatty.

  14. pardyhardly says:

    She wants food.

  15. broadcastmadnesss says:

    Very very beautiful kitten.

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