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AMAZING Cat Trick – Train Your Cat to Use Toilet in Days! Watch as this cat uses the toilet and toilet paper. Train your cat to do the same in just days! Toilet train y…

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36 Responses to “AMAZING Cat Trick – Train Your Cat to Use Toilet in Days!”

  1. me4Videoz says:

    I cracked up laughing when he started taking the toilet paper and putting
    it in the toilet!! LOL!! So funny!!!

  2. ddshears says:

    cats are smarter then we give them credit for…but i think they are
    frustrated by not having opposing thumbs to do things we do…

  3. za8cun says:

    aww how did you teach him to poop in the toilet? im thinking to adopt a
    kitten soon i’d definitely need to learn this teaching skill

  4. Rosa says:

    Well, he forgot to flush! :D

  5. elephantasmic says:

    I just spent 2 minutes of my life watching a cat take a dump…

  6. Catterina Willimott says:

    Why did I just watched a cat poop? Ay cat, wash your hands too.xD

  7. Fugum says:

    Wow! Thats more than I shit and I a 180 lbs man!

  8. Sir Haxalot says:

    why am I watching this shit xD

  9. mynameisjts says:

    Bitch didn’t flush

  10. madisonmadisonable says:


  11. Hitman9979 says:

    nice ;D

  12. Beazy147 says:

    lol he/she even cleans the seat

  13. JesusBridge says:

    Sooo amazing .. love how he wipe this hand’s after Nice job training

  14. Lewis John says:

    At least, he’s trying to bury his poo, just like normal cats/dogs do…
    Someone call the plumber out!

  15. justpassnthru says:

    I really and truly did laugh out loud!

  16. akkrauta says:

    Bury the poo of course.

  17. FrickenWaffles says:

    my cat doesnt even know how to use a litter box!

  18. Anthony Vickers says:

    it doesn’t seem worth it if the cat is going to waste a roll of toilet
    paper every time it drops a deuce.

  19. twinx29 says:

    and lol. my cat is also pooping in our c.r. beside our toilet :)

  20. eennymo says:

    I’m sorry, I couldn’t use the toilet after that! Kitty poop STINKS!

  21. ColorMeLead says:

    If I wanted to watch a cat taking a shit I could have just gone into my

  22. Valvatorez new says:

    you teach it how to use toilet paper huh its just wasting toilet paper

  23. ammar ali says:


  24. abdmus1 says:


  25. prettyjuicy says:

    It would be funny if u only have one restroom and u really need to go but
    kiity is using it

  26. ko12c says:

    .. amzing shit – –

  27. Pencil Burger says:


  28. FireFists29 says:

    it sounds like your crying

  29. cracktober says:

    Make sure your children aren’t close to the toilet after this..

  30. JudyGurl says:

    that was sooooo cute when he tried to bury the poop, then I LOL’d so hard
    when he decided just to cover it with toilet paper. 😀

  31. mymy826 says:

    Wow, great, but… That’s a quick way to use up all the tissue

  32. ducttapegirl114 says:

    the title didnt say HOW TO train your cat to use the toilet

  33. summer lovesgermx says:

    OMBN U DIDNT EVEN TEACH MEE HOOWW!!!! grr im gonna be stuck scoopin and
    keepin my dogs from snackin out of the litter box for the rest o mi LIFE!
    ='( THNX, thnx a lot… DX

  34. Cat S says:

    and not a second of shame… he’s brave.

  35. kscdancer1 says:

    AWWWW!!!that was sooo cute…it was like he was “hiding” his poo and then
    he covered it up with the toilet paper!omg adorable..

  36. Renderello says:

    why did i jus watch a cat poo

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