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Bunny Leash

We’re training our new rabbit Dougal to get used to wearing a harness. This is phase 1: teaching him to be comfortable with with feel of the harness on his b…

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28 Responses to “Bunny Leash”

  1. Baileya White says:

    I have that harness!

  2. Kimmy Le says:

    what were you feeding him??

  3. whiskerchild says:

    Don’t walk him very far- it might hurt his paws.

  4. PoisedSilverWolf says:

    Same harness as mine :)

  5. MichelleMcfly69 says:

    LOL @ Big Gay Watermelon OMG hahaha

  6. classiclistener01 says:

    @DisapprovingRabbits – Your rabbit is well behaved and friendly! I like
    Dougal! :) Over the years, I’ve had 12 rabbits as pets, and, one, LaBunn,
    was much like Dougal. Loki, was much more like a dog – following me in my
    yard, without a harness, and, never went more than 20-feet from me. When
    these two died (Loki at 7 and LaBunn at 8) I never realized how much I’d
    ‘really’ miss them. P.S. – Lags can live that long, and, if fixed,
    (Adenocarcinoma) even longer. LaBunn had 3 tumor operations.

  7. Daniel Karlíček says:

    Why does she keep saying “good boy” for 20-times? I would punch her in the

  8. Jassmine Wietrzykowski says:

    Thats a big bunny… what kind is it?

  9. Jay Long says:

    It’s good to see him come out of his shell, even if it’s for a little treat

  10. stickyboozer says:

    dougal’s ginormous! holy big rabbit batman!

  11. Devon Bumstead says:

    What kind

  12. xxfrikinxepicxx says:

    LOL big gay watermelon

  13. char16char says:

    check out my rabbit walking on a leash we manged to walk a block and his
    traing triks

  14. kitmarlowescot2 says:

    @Francis362003 Cinnamon passed away last year of old age related problems
    or was put to sleep because of them. She was 13 years old. She was quite
    the bunny.

  15. thisisexile66 says:

    Awesome! Glad to see you have a new buddy!

  16. Francis362003 says:

    What happened to Cinnamon?

  17. racrx32 says:

    Great looking rabbit!!!

  18. Valsainte says:

    Looks like harness harness harness has the Official Dougal Stamp of
    Disapproval… :-)

  19. LaLana Oakes says:

    he’s soooooo adorible!!!!

  20. spaceboy412 says:

    what are you using as treats?

  21. SwallowPollo says:

    what kind of rabbit is that

  22. horseluver0567 says:

    awww I have that harness

  23. jimmyglik69 says:


  24. PoisedSilverWolf says:

    I have the same harness :)

  25. alyizme12 says:

    Your bunny is SO good! My bunny wont let me put one on him, but when I
    FINALLY do, he gets out of it.

  26. beekalmer says:

    That is one sturdy looking rabbit.

  27. Richard Ian Tracy says:

    He’s a stunner. What a beautiful bun! I approve. (-: Those ears! Just a
    perfect, lovely little dude.

  28. hophigh77 says:

    Love him! Other than his color, he looks just like my boy Murphy with his
    ears, size, and mannerisms.

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