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Horse Training – Stand Still to Mount

Horse training at Reining and cutting horse trainer, Larry Trocha shows how to train your horse to stand still while you …

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39 Responses to “Horse Training – Stand Still to Mount”

  1. Breyer81 says:

    Thanks for this video! This will help me out a lot with my green broke
    Mustang! He does not stand when getting on. How about when you are tacking
    up is there a way to keep them from moving around when your trying to tack
    them up or groom? 

  2. Cas Bar Haven Stud says:

    Not bad !!

  3. FiveStar Ranch says:

    Nicely done video…thank you I also like to look at giving the horse an
    opportunity to practice standing still, and if they do not want to stand
    still I will ask the horse to go left, change direction, stop, etc… for 2
    min or so.Then give the horse an opportunity to stand still…and repeat if
    the horse moves off again. The horse becomes more responsive to the bit &
    leading at the same time. I also like to do this when the horse has been
    ridden for a bit, to allow them to be successful

  4. BubbleVubblez says:

    what do i do since my horse side passes away from me every time i try to
    get in???

  5. Krystie Jansen says:

    @Horse1245456156 have you taught him to give to bit pressure? he would be
    more likely to understand the halter because he’s been trained to with
    leading. Maybe try and use a halter with a bridle over top and when
    stopping use both, then do it without pulling on the leadrope, if he stops
    and gives to the bit, reward him. It takes time!

  6. cherrybaycola says:

    My Appendix Quarter Horse always tries to go any direction possible not
    only forward. Sometimes he bolts bckwards.

  7. moodysoup says:

    I may be a little cheesy but I usually do groundwork (lounging) before I
    get on. It takes the edge off. And I always lounge before getting onto an
    unfamiliar horse.

  8. sneakycat42o says:

    Oh there’s nothing wrong with it. But, when I ride my horse if I did that
    to her she would take off at a full run. Or you’d get one heck of a flying
    lesson. You just can’t do that to any horse I guess was my point. : )

  9. Mev de Rouville says:

    Hi, Thanks for the tips. I’ve tried but now my horse is completely frantic
    about being mounted and as soon as I start positioning the reins he starts
    prancing around and I tried getting my foot in the stirrup but he galloped
    off. How do I calm him? Many thanks for your advice, Elise Switzerland

  10. MissaCraze says:

    lean a little more into his shoulder, but try only picking up his foot,
    doing 3 quick strokes (even if you dont get much off) and lowering it down
    to the ground (some horses will stomp their feet down). This shows that you
    control when he puts his feet down. REWARD (pet or treat). even this small
    thing is a part of the ultimate goal. He just picked up his feet and kept
    them up until you asked him to put them down. Repeat with all legs multiple
    sessions :) Good luck and enjoy (9 years riding)

  11. Suburban K says:

    Good video. I have a dog training channel, but love to learn about other

  12. sneakycat42o says:

    Oh yeah she will stop. I think the people that had her before me abused her
    or didn’t fully train her cuz she spooks but at least it’s in place.

  13. Becky Nicholson says:

    Western Saddle and Bridle.

  14. Jenn Smith says:

    my horse doesn’t necessarily walk off but she gets annoyed when people
    mount her and she pins her ears back and threatens to kick(but never really
    does). She never used to do this before, she also likes to throw her head
    when I take her bridle and halter off but has no problem with me putting it
    on and she never did this before…she started these bad habits around the
    same time. How can I teach her to be more tolerant of people mounting her?

  15. gypsygirl867 says:

    thanks. I had no idea how to stop my horse from moving. great video…

  16. blkgryphon says:

    Mr. Rocha, While there is nothing at all wrong with what you demonstrate (I
    appreciate your good timing with releases), I would only add that some
    horses move off while being mounted due to back pain and/or poor saddle
    fit. My own horse started doing this, and I didn’t know why. Turns out his
    saddle was a bit too big and thus twisted slightly as I mounted. The horse
    had lost weight and I didn’t realize it had changed the saddle fit. I had
    the saddle adjusted and he improved.

  17. MizzIndependent0 says:

    Wow, wish I knew this when my friend had her horse that kept walking off.

  18. CowboyChaser121 says:

    my horse doesnt listen to the bit. It takes alot to stop her and she likes
    to go whatever speed she wants. but wen i ask her to go faster myself, she
    gets moody and pinns her ears and backs up, what do i do?

  19. WesternHorseGirl says:

    i need help with that too. A horse I ride hates other horses lol

  20. Gerry Cox says:

    Larry, Do you put on traveling clinics or at your ranch? How do I find the
    schedule? You’re a great teacher… Thanks for everything I’ve learned
    catching your clips…

  21. Sam B. says:

    My horse is like a rock when I mount but when I try to get him to stop when
    I’m riding he doesn’t listen. I’ve switched bits and went to a hackamore
    once too and he did okay with the hackamore but then he stopped truning so
    I went back to the bit and if I ride him with his halter he’s perfect and
    stops when I tell him to.

  22. ltrocha says:

    @xxWolfofDarknessxx That bit is a common snaffle. It’s used in the English
    world just as it is in the Western disciplines.

  23. kobi morris says:

    @ilovecub1 just wondering, have you checked your horses back (and
    shoulders, hips etc) for soreness, and have you had a dentist look at her
    teeth? she could be sore for any number of reasons, saddle fit being one of
    the most common reasons. and the behaviour you describe with her bridling
    sounds like her teeth might be causing her pain, more so when the bit is
    taken out then put in. just an idea anyway. good luck :)

  24. Gabe Ortiz says:

    its a cutting saddle and its made to get a good grip with your hand so you
    wont fall offf/

  25. 75Dual says:

    Nice tips and a very good looking horse!

  26. alicorenee says:

    @moodysoup i do that sometimes i just put her in the round pen (w/ out a
    loung) i clap at her n i run her around for a few minutes but she still
    acts up

  27. StellaCMS says:

    Thanks for the tips. They work! PS: Great lookin horse.

  28. Beeny295 says:

    I dont mount from the ground because I’m 5ft 3 and I ride a 16.3hh horse :L
    but I notice that when I get on my horse he instantly walks forward
    regardless of whether I’ve got my feet in the stirrups, reins properly
    gathered or even adjusted the girth a bit :/

  29. jwmbam3tx says:

    IT”S A CUTTING SADDLE!! The horn is designed to be easy to grab and hold on
    to. Otherwise the rider would fly right off when the horse is cutting a
    cow. Larry Trocha specializes in training cutting and riening horses.

  30. Gabe Ortiz says:

    maybe start working her a little so she can release all that energy and
    then she will have patience,, wats that thing that they run in circle .. i
    only know it in spanish. is it called lunging.. yeah something like that..
    not that tiried though just enough for her to be relaxed when you mount

  31. BeautifllyHBC says:

    I have the biggest problem ever. My 18 year old Arabian mare shies away
    from me when I prepare to mount. I am a short person and have to use a
    mounting block. She wriggles horridly when I put the block next to her. As
    soon as I step up and grab my reins, she side steps away from me and I fall
    to the ground. What should I do?

  32. Mel S says:

    Have you vet checked him? It might be a reaction to pain. Either way, to
    prevent this, you don’t… kick him or act like he’s a barbie doll as has
    been suggested, but you actually rein him around and make him go stand
    where you had him before. If you get his head turned around, he’s going to
    more than likely reverse directions; ie, going forward. A bit of heel
    pressure and a firm voice, using your SEAT to drive him forward, and you’ll
    have a problem solved.

  33. Lang Gibson says:

    Going to try this. My horse will not stand still while I mount. I know it
    is very dangerous to get on him while he is walking away, and by allowing
    him to do this for the past year or so, I have trained him to think this is
    ok. Thanks for the tip of backing him up every time he walks off.

  34. einzep says:

    it would’ve been a better teaching video if he used a horse that gave him
    more trouble. “Here let me show you how I teach guitar, this is how you
    teach Eddie Van Halen how to play a really easy song!”

  35. Matthew Cooper says:

    @fidelpecoso head down means he is a lower rank than you.

  36. Snakeiz12 says:

    Your right the reins were tight because he use to move forward when I tried
    to mount him and as soon as I get on him he wants to go forward Thanks for
    all your advise

  37. faithnadex says:

    thank you for the help on this! my horse HATES to stand still, but instead
    of walking frowards, she turns to try and face me. Also, she’s 17hh and i
    can’t mount from the ground so i use a block, but she’s scared of that too.
    Any ideas?

  38. Jenn Smith says:

    @whitewingeddove soreness would have been my first guess but she has been
    doing it for 3 years now and she doesn’t get ridden that often so I’m not
    sure what would make her sore and when i groom her on her back and hip area
    she doesn’t seem bothered…as for her bridle she does it with her halter
    too which has nothing to do with her teeth I am starting to think she
    doesn’t like her ears touched for some reason which she always loved her
    ears touched before, hopefully she wasn’t hit in the face

  39. Snakeiz12 says:

    Ok thanks but my guy keeps backing up when I try to get on What can I do?

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