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Rats: How to Convince Parents

How to convince your parents to let you get pet rats.

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35 Responses to “Rats: How to Convince Parents”

  1. Brooklynne Phillips says:

    Oh my gosh I just love you so much, I had one rat once and she had babies
    before she was put in an animal shelter for 2-3 years, but she developed
    breast cancer so be careful about having baby ratites 

  2. Dana Cutter says:

    my dad still wont let me have a rat

  3. Savannah Rose says:

    I have 7 rats

  4. elizzeyguyzer79 says:

    I would live to have a pair of male rats I have research everything ( I
    have research them for about 2 months) but I’m not allowed to get them I
    tell my parents once every 2 weeks that I like to get two rats and I don’t
    go on about it. This is so they know that I’m interested but the main
    reason I’m not allowed rats is because I’ve apparently got too many pets.
    Please help!!! 

  5. Allison Lai says:

    wow you have a lot of rats
    im going to show this to my parents, hope it works!

  6. LPS Camo says:

    i made my mom mom and dad a presentation about why i should get a pet rat
    with some things you said in here and i might be getting one thank you so

  7. Samuel Brown says:


  8. max burns says:

    my mom doesn’t like them in cages, how do i convince her? XD plz i love

  9. animals says:

    I want rats but my mum hates there tails

  10. Amanda King says:

    When I told my mom about how I wanted rats she was like uh no they are
    great pets but they are rodents but we ended up buying two dumbo rats and
    omg they are the best pets ever. But my mom made a contract that I had sign
    it was about I have to take care of them and If I dont we get rid of them..
    the only thing about rats is they develop tumors my one rat Chloe just
    recently got her tumor removed now my other rat lilly has two but it
    shouldn’t cost that much its about $20 to get them removed.. anyways if
    anyone wants a rat good luck they are the best

  11. Marqui Carrington says:

    my parents are still not letting me get a rat i told her they are almost
    similiar to rats but they have a tail and i told her that they are smarting
    then any other pet that you can on and they are way smarter than cats and
    dogs but what is the next step.

  12. max burns says:

    “he doesn’t bite” i would laugh if he bit her then

  13. max burns says:

    no offense i have seven

  14. TheWolfspirit22 says:

    Good idea. I love beardies too :)

  15. jgaming09 says:

    All over the hamsters 1 dog lotsa fish 2 frogs 1 rabbit 2 guinnie pigs 1
    leopard gekko mum an dad won’t say yes but ill try wht u said thnks for the

  16. Chloe Muenchausen says:

    They (dogs) need shots and other stuff like parvo shots!

  17. Timothy Goyette says:

    whats your numbre i need you to talk to my mom about rats

  18. Jason2743 says:

    rat power!

  19. GiantTCR says:

    ask your dad when he is in a good mood, if he let you get one rat he will
    probably let you get two because rats absolutely have to have a friend they
    are extremely social animals let him know that they need a friend or they
    can get lonely and depressed. Also let him know that it will be no
    different than having one rat as they can share a cage and food etc. hope
    this helped

  20. Sirron Watson says:

    You’re so cool.

  21. Beth Giles says:

    I think rats make awesome pets. My cousin used to have pet rats and I
    finally convinced my parents to let me get two rats, I’m getting them in
    the summer after I’m done with college so that I can spend more time
    getting to know them

  22. 9GoldenEagle9 says:

    I didn’t have to persuade my mam! She loves rats, she used to care for them
    when she was younger 😀 I still enjoy watching your videos, though!

  23. Annalise Jenkin says:

    To anyone that has a rat, tell your parents that rats normally live in
    groups, its better that way to keep them happy and not feel alone while you
    are off to school or work. Tell your parents that, cause if you have one
    get another or your one rat will become lonely and can actually die from
    loneliness, BUT it means a little more work with cleaning and feeding also
    training if desired. Best way is if you want another rat, just tell them,
    research and let them know what happens to them. Good luck

  24. shaqayla connor says:

    do u have any more videos I would like to see them.

  25. shaqayla connor says:

    hi I got my rat of my friend 2 day ago and she has been sneezes is that bad
    and normal…

  26. TheWolfspirit22 says:

    Just keep bugging them with old can I have a rat thing and keep doing it.
    They will give eventually :)

  27. TheFabulousStarfish101 says:

    My parents are now okay with it but no progress other that. We’ll talk
    about but that’s it. Its annoying! I want to at least buy the cage or
    something! Murp

  28. Jesse Weaver says:

    Are you an Idiot? She’s obviously a girl…

  29. GamerKitty101 says:

    My mom won’t let me because they live for too long and she hates the talks
    because they have no fur. If you have any advice plz tell me. My email is

  30. Gabriel Smith says:

    I already have a rat, and I’ve had her for about a week and I would really
    like to get a second one so she won’t be lonely, how do I go about
    convincing my parents to let me have another one?

  31. Casprur says:

    Hmm, well, I’ve spoken to many ‘experts’ in my area, and that’s the
    information I’ve been given by them. I know somebody whose rat lived to be
    8 years of age, as well. I’m guessing it’s something that can vary greatly
    depending on the situation and the quality of the rat’s parentage?? Or
    maybe it’s just by chance. Either way, I’m a little bummed; now I can
    expect even less time with my boys.

  32. Xerneas says:

    My brother has a mouse called Bobby

  33. Swashawa Boulette says:

    Im going to show my mom this video, BTW your really pretty.

  34. Kinga van der Schouw says:

    I have allready convinced my parents haha but I have a problem… I still
    don’t know if I should get females or males. If I choose females, would
    they learn tricks easier than males? I want a rat who can learn tricks and
    don’t run away the whole time. I think I should get males. How you think?

  35. Cass Reynix says:

    I think I may tell my parents that I want a gerbil, but I really dont want
    to lie to them, I only have to worry about my mother because my father had
    many rats growing up as a child;)

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