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How to Take Care of Your Pet Rat – Food, Shelter, Kids

All about rats! Laurie Routhier from the San Francisco SPCA shares some very helpful information about rats; what to feed them, what their habitat should be …

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46 Responses to “How to Take Care of Your Pet Rat – Food, Shelter, Kids”

  1. Heavenlea Bernard says:

    this is really cool and i have 4 rats and i need help

  2. llllllllllllllIlIlIl says:

    I plan on catching a sewer rat for a pet.

  3. FIFA UT Grimmley says:

    bror maybe needs you’r help xD

  4. Croshinx says:

    my rat is never active

  5. horselover8408 says:

    What TYPE of pellet food do you recomend?

  6. wizzyjo says:

    coolaces, you need to get at least 2, they need to be kept in at least
    pairs, theyre very sociable.

  7. maggz29 says:

    there is a bird at 2:39 like if you it is thinking about eating the rat on
    her shoulder

  8. Thomas Saba says:

    @summer751 AMEN!!!!!!

  9. Animelova21 says:

    @summer751 i’ve noticed all expert village videos are awful haha…every
    single topic they mess up xD

  10. Bakawolf88 says:

    Better than expert village and ehow aswell ! :3

  11. lionheartrocks78 says:

    seeds make them fat

  12. ThaRatChick says:

    An easier thing to do it to put a brick under the water bottle, it
    naturally files the nails.

  13. chloecapray says:

    They should have lab blocks 24/7, and if you feed them little meals like
    this woman, leave the food there for a couple hours then take out what they
    don’t eat, mostly so it doen’t stink up the cage.

  14. TheCandlelightt says:

    One of the best advice videos. The only thing I would add is that even you
    have hours and hours to devote to your rat, rats should always have at
    least one cagemate. Rats are social animals and need the companionship of
    other rats.

  15. Russia2point0 says:

    @TobyRanelle atually I wouldnt advise it. ithasto much protein ada few
    ratsta my family hae owned have died from tumors or pocketsof excesspotien
    on teir necks.

  16. Gazjocalcate says:

    Hey check my rat cage is even BIGGER THAN THAT and home made!!

  17. looterwolf says:

    i just got a baby rat 4 $12 awsome!!!!

  18. horselover8408 says:

    @EveryoneEatsShit Rats ARE fun and smart. They’re easier to train to do
    things then guinea pigs

  19. sirdracorider says:

    Who said any of us live in a apartment cause i sure as hell don’t

  20. ThaRatChick says:

    You don’t need to cut them because they grind them. The only time they
    would need to be cut would be if they were not aligned or the rat had very
    bad mouth pain.

  21. Rats galore says:

    Lettuce is not good for rats

  22. luvhorses71 says:

    I cant wait to get my rats now! there so cute!! What bedding do you use i
    know you cant use sawdust or woodshavings and i cant use fleece what would
    be best?? thankyou!

  23. djtrumpet11 says:

    My rats like carrots.

  24. optimusmikey says:

    Question I bought a rat off of Craigslist hes 1 years old but hasnt been
    with any other rats how to do introduce him to a new male?

  25. jackiechanster says:

    @ThoronRhyusan Even if they get a lot of human interaction everyday, it is
    necessary for them to have a companion of their own species. Really, two
    rats are no more work than one.

  26. Trisbreya says:

    I agree, sounds like we use the same food. Besides, rats are omnivores,
    they need more than just pellets.

  27. gwinnypiggylove says:

    make sure you get two rats or more

  28. drtyprplpandapws says:

    @MaddieVinson1998 My first rat lived by itself for a few months because my
    parents wouldnt let me get him a cage mate. It literally was dying of
    loneliness. It developed a multitude of illnesses and lost a lot of weight.
    He also went somewhat nuts. A rat should never live alone.

  29. rabbitsarecuteable says:

    oh my gosh i love this lady !! she is amazing ( btw im not being creepy im
    a 12 yr old girl ) but…. she so convinced me to get rats . i watched this
    a year ago… and i did like a year ago lol THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. cody irvin says:

    @simplyanimal4 srry that thumbs down was an accident

  31. Miranda Kuehne says:

    At first I was hell bent against rats. I didn’t like anything about them
    then my science teacher had a litter (18 of them!). She said if they didn’t
    get adopted out she was going to give them to another student to feed to a
    snake so then I adopted Joey. He was still a baby and I just couldn’t say
    no. I wish I would of gotten him a friend but my dad wouldn’t budge. He was
    the best pet I have ever had and has recently passed. Don’t knock something
    til you try it people.

  32. Juliette Ribaudo says:

    I love my rat and I have 5 of them

  33. Jaz X says:

    Her voice is the cutest thing ever, second to rats. Great information, in a
    sea of awful misinformation all over Youtube. I wish I had her job!

  34. slapsilla says:

    more info!

  35. 4ever1loveanimals says:

    I really want some rats.

  36. OtakuXxChan says:

    @MaddieVinson1998 It would be best if you get a same sex pair. And you
    should go the adoption or breeder route. :)

  37. ThaRatChick says:

    And I’ve heard that the huts get moldy really quick.

  38. WolfieSalai says:

    I have two hamsters right now and i might be getting a rat soon if i can
    convince my parents. I was wondering if it would be ok to get a cage ment
    for more then one rat and have one of the hamsters live with the rat?

  39. AmericanPitbulls1 says:

    @GayGamerAU Actually you must potty train and tame young even old rat just
    don’t let them out until they are potting in one area either a litter box
    or whatever works but female rats can’t hold pee very well for long times
    so don’t put rats on your shoulder until a few months

  40. CatMaster87932 says:

    I’m getting two for my birthday in October. 😀

  41. ThaRatChick says:

    They grind the teeth against eachother.

  42. ThaRatChick says:

    This is a pretty good video! The only thing is that rats dont really need
    things to chew on because they grind their teeth, *bruxbrux*

  43. Weeze says:

    i think rats can eat anything. look at the wild rat they do. unless they
    dont like it!!

  44. christianteen92 says:

    i love how people use their “connections” to threaten other people online.

  45. TheRatrose says:

    My rats wont eat pelets :(

  46. Jose Quezada says:

    @summer751 you can say that again

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