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How to train a bunny

Featuring Angelbunnies Angel is a Holland Lop bunny! Do follow her on instagram, @angelbunnies And like her facebook page,

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6 Responses to “How to train a bunny”

  1. Olivia Seymour says:

    What breed is your bunny? I have a Holland lop buck. He’s so cuuuuute!!!! :)

  2. nibblesandtillyworld says:

    This is a very good training video!!! :)

  3. hira2240 says:

    cool but my bunny is not excited over any wegis or bunny food!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lolz4Life says:

    Thanks for the video you taught me a lot and I will try these tricks

  5. Bee Vang says:

    Wow………. U rock girl! I got this bunny and I tried this thing and it
    worked lol n my bunny learned it thanks

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