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How to Train a Parrot : How to Potty Train a Parrot

Learn how to train parrots to control their body functions in this free pet care video clip about potty training your parrot by using repetitive words and ac…

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48 Responses to “How to Train a Parrot : How to Potty Train a Parrot”

  1. Uniqu3Ros3 says:

    My eclectus isn’t even a year old yet and hes VERY good at not going potty
    on someone. Also when I take him to the petstore or just out of the house,
    he never has accident :)

  2. TrueBlueSear says:

    (I seriously don’t mean to brag.) My brother’s baby Blue and gold &
    Military Green hybrid baby sort of just holds it in. But being a baby, it
    has to go a lot, so when it does, it gets nippy, and in a mad mood, so we
    put him in his cage, he poops, and he’s willing to come back out again.

  3. Sean Avilla says:


  4. Sean Avilla says:


  5. hajer ince says:

    okay soo my bird is 3 months to the latest but hes still not that use to us
    since we got him few days ago so hes not really hands on friendly . and i
    am Really tired of cleaning after him when hes out and about and “doing his
    busniess” everywhere . how can i potty train him if noone can go near him
    right now

  6. Shocktreat9 says:

    Every time you bring your bird out of his cage, set him on the play stand
    or area you want him to go. Usually, they will go right away when you take
    them out of their cage. Then you give him a treat. Keep doing this, and
    watch his body language while you’re handling him to get him on that stand
    before he goes. Treat and praise every time. Find a few designated areas,
    so he doesn’t think that’s the ONLY place that he can go. Do not ever use a
    verbal command.

  7. HeyAtlas says:

    What’s the best way to teach the to be free flight?

  8. itybity0420 says:

    U used this technique on my umbrella cockatoo when she was 4 or 5 and she
    learned to use our toilet in a couple days. now she either goes in her cage
    or the toilet and we’ve had no accidents in years.

  9. Matt Crane says:

    You’re lucky, mine shits on my fucking chest

  10. militaryqt says:

    Helpful video thank you very much. It is a shame that some people are so
    negative towards the awesome efforts you put forth to help other bird
    owners. It is hard to find anything on the internet to help you with
    training without giving them money for it. Thanks again!

  11. Nina N. says:

    “Bombs away.” Hahahaha. Never heard that one before. :)

  12. ALiENxXTC says:

    @melisitaization i’ve got cockatiel recently not much of few weeks ago, she
    wasnt afraid at the pet shop but once she arrived home dad picked her
    wrong.. and then she started acting crazy/biting hard/flying away till now.
    but im training her n_n its getting a good progress. Get a hand gloves you
    know the yellow one so the beak wouldnt break into your skin and try
    holding the cockatiel/pet them.. you should do that in a small room so you
    won’t need to run.. it may need weeks :L good luck haha :X

  13. MusicxCherry says:

    same with mine but somtimes it shakes up then fluffs ups and squats.

  14. chris294 says:

    @Luucy8 uh a cockatoo galah anything try trading post or sumthing but but
    if ur lookin 4 like an ecelectus parrot there range is like 800-1.8 hand
    rared gl

  15. HeyAtlas says:

    Then how do you get them to go in a certain area?

  16. JibyZiby says:

    Hey Albert i’ve got a child for you mmm good nice and tasty you want it.

  17. Victoria Chew says:

    My budgie lifts it’s tail when it wants to poop. The annoying part is that
    when it does that the poop is stuck to the feathers and it hates the tissue
    cleaning it’s butt XD

  18. counterpunch101 says:

    Bombs away….! Splash!

  19. Ilovemakemebad35 says:

    i hope this works on my sun conure!!!! he’s amazing, it’s just he likes to
    poop on the floor …

  20. kaspar12321 says:

    At 12 seconds my parrotlette pooped on me O.O

  21. GreenDestiny says:

    Why would it matter who is the “master” in this situation? Commands are one
    thing but this is about love and affection. They are more intelligent than
    dogs and I believe can distinguish between commands (don’t bite) and a
    simple request for affection. Don’t you want to make them happy? Do you
    enjoy responding and reciprocating the love? I assume yes…so feel good
    that your birds wants to be around you and “asks” you to be picked up
    instead of just flying and landing on your head. :)

  22. sheri9987 says:

    I use the command “Uh Oh” – that is an easy one for him to say.

  23. Mindbender94 says:

    haha thats hilarious xD

  24. GreenJazzOfLove says:

    Imma start teaching my green cheek how to do that!!:) no more poopy

  25. Izzy says:

    @pinkdreamer1000 She said in the video that larger birds go every 20 mins
    or so!

  26. Rebecca H says:

    Bombs away!!!! hahahahahaa lol

  27. nainabananas says:

    i love my grey parrot i love him and he loves me and i am soooooooooooo
    happy that there is this video to help me train him!!!!!!!!!!! thanx
    spoooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!1

  28. brandon saucedo says:

    How to know when they go poty

  29. Rafalgahr says:

    A good counter-leasure to this is to always let your bird go freely in its
    cage, it will figure out quickly that going potty freely outside the cage
    is bad, but that their cage is their place and that they can make a mess if
    they want to.

  30. Alana Kryzkij says:

    @Dingo1144 your in egypt! cool!

  31. Todd March says:

    Actually I’ve trained teeny tiny parrotlets in a few days—it’s easy really;
    parrots are smart. What is hard is to remember to get the bird over the
    approved spot every 10-20 minutes or so, round the clock when the bird is
    out. Most potty training failures are about owners not gettng the bird over
    the approved spot, and expecting the bird to hold it as if it were a cocker

  32. RoarTP says:

    Gorgeous bird (:

  33. Fiona Cyrus says:

    @expertvillage how many parrots do you have?

  34. zimmkidrocks says:

    i learned that my black cap conure spreads his wings then lifts his tail
    then goes. i thought that i should say go poop abraham. I havn’t tryed it
    yet but ill try soon. bye-bye

  35. gottaluvbirds says:

    @45ILuvKats45 sooooooo… your looking to tame him/her? i made a video on
    how to tame parakeets. tell me what type of parrot you have and i should be
    able to help you.

  36. MrBabarsohail says:

    My Parrot Is Great I Have A Rambow Coloured Karate Parrot Did You Have One

  37. Leandro Martins says:

    My bird says ” Eeeew, ew!” But that is after she poops :-/

  38. SADsupporter says:

    I have a military macaw, and this technique worked, so thanks

  39. lr279 says:

    thanks, very helpful

  40. Enrique Mendoza says:

    Ty beautiful :)

  41. rick2003ar says:

    This was a good video but I’ve heard stories of birds being taught to use
    the bathroom on command and then not going when they need to leading to
    them getting sick or passing away. I have never taught a parrot to do this
    but its something that I would possibly caution just in case the parrot
    doesn’t realize that it can use the bathroom in its cage and not just when
    you tell it to. On the upside this is a great series on parrot training.

  42. DB S says:

    lol bombs away

  43. kilobee77 says:

    Bird bird bird, the bird is the word.

  44. Tayma Alastal says:

    My old parrot used to go to the cage when ever he needed to pee or poo xD I
    didn’t actually train him, he just did it himself 😀

  45. AnonPastafarian says:

    lol Bombs away! for the win!!!

  46. Izzy says:

    @pinkdreamer1000 Oh, lol sorry

  47. byirdman says:

    Anyone do/attempt with cockatiel

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