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Train Your Cat to Roll Over

If you are able to teach your cat to lay down on command, you can get them to roll over next! With a treat as a lure inf ront of their nose, bring the treat …

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21 Responses to “Train Your Cat to Roll Over”

  1. Stella Armstrong says:

    I’ll train my cats Sugar and Spice this!!

  2. cerys132 says:

    Although I did not watch any tutorials on how to teach cats i ended up
    teaching my Ginger boy how to lay down/roll over and other things in the
    exact same way you taught your cat. I’m currently working on beg and hive
    five with him. He can roll but prefers one side like yours, he can “shake”
    but I call it paw, and he can on command switch between each paw, and he
    can sit, spin and lay down.

  3. aspanishrose says:

    beautiful cat!

  4. Sheddy Yoe says:

    i did just like what you tell me to but my cat gives up and run away if she
    din’t get her snack

  5. Alisha L says:

    @RusyaidiDzulkifli try teaching your cat to sit first, then lay down! Roll
    over might be too hard to start off with first.

  6. Ruben Kitty says:

    my cat ruben can only come near me but one time he rolled over wird

  7. C Moff says:

    Omg I have the same random carpet in the background!! Haha u can see it in
    one of my vids lol

  8. Tesser Danae says:

    My cats a ragdoll and he learn’t how to run in a circle so easily xD

  9. TheLG55 says:

    your cat is SOOOO CUTE!

  10. CaLover3399 says:

    I just got my kitten today called Misty any advice for teaching high five

  11. Ruben Kitty says:


  12. Sheddy Yoe says:

    @zumie05 okay…thanks for the advise

  13. DesoloZ says:


  14. TigersUnleashed says:

    this was real helpfull! thx! i subbed!

  15. xtamared says:


  16. Alisha L says:

    @MoonChild931 I started him when he came home at 3 months old! So start
    now, it is the best time!

  17. LGSedvin22 says:

    can i steal ur cat for selfish enjoyment? :)

  18. Richard Custodio says:

    they see me rollin

  19. NeverMind2991 says:

    Looks like my cat iswAre

  20. ramonypony says:

    they hatin’

  21. KNighcturnal says:

    what a beautiful cat!

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