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How to Train your dog

Enjoy and please like/subscribe and leave your comments!!!The quality of the video was pretty bad so i converted it to make it better and i hope you liked it :)

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7 Responses to “How to Train your dog”

  1. Brandon Prather says:

    Thanks for these awesome videos. Can you find one that talks about how to
    make your dog give you the ball after he fetches it? 

  2. TheDogGuy says:

    Thank you for educating the public. It was even fun for me to watch it =).

  3. GCRDBlues53 says:

    Thanks for the really instructive video!

  4. Feer Torres says:


  5. PferdePonys says:

    Puppy is obviously suffering from excessive cuteness. *-* SO CUTE

  6. Eduardo Aguirre says:

    Nice video 

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