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REQUESTED: The Beginning Stages; How to Tame your Hamster Part 1

This was a requested by robohamsterfinactic. Thank you for requesting. When taming your hamster, it requires a lot of patience so you need to be patient when…

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27 Responses to “REQUESTED: The Beginning Stages; How to Tame your Hamster Part 1”

  1. analiese joseph says:

    Hullo! I really love this video, it really helped! By any chance, do you
    think you can do a video on how to get your hamster to eat out of you hand
    without it biting you?

  2. ScruffyLilPuppy says:

    I didn’t know but I pet my hamster the first day I got it and it didn’t do
    anything. He just continued eating his food. Do you think he’s already

  3. Hoarding Hammy says:

    Hello hammiegirls3114. What hamster cage do you have? I need to get rid of
    my bin cage because it’s not very ideal.

  4. hammiegirls3114 says:

    Wow! That must be one tame hamster. You are very lucky. I let Holle get
    situated in her cage for a week before I tried to pick her up.

  5. hammiegirls3114 says:

    It’s not cedar. It’s aspen.

  6. hammiegirls3114 says:

    I’m in my family room. At what part?

  7. Carolyn Bay says:

    What type of hamster is stardust or holle? I feel sorry for your loss! U
    should get a winter white. :)

  8. TardisPineappleHamster says:

    1:03 you forgot guinea pig. sorry, it bugged me……

  9. hammiegirls3114 says:

    I have a new hamster wheel, they’re both silent spinners and they’re huge!
    Also they are fully functioning. I didn’t have a tripod so I couldn’t help

  10. hammiegirls3114 says:

    Somewhat. She will never become tame because of her past owners.

  11. Hamster chick says:

    and dont use pine also since it has some oil and unhealthy for your hamsters

  12. mercedesdarkangel says:

    but all she does is bite me ive tried everything i wish i could show u in
    person but our camera broke i will put up a video of her reactions n link
    it to you when i get another camera ok she is seriously evil….evil peaches

  13. Hondo Macky says:

    haha, I used to have the sweetest winter white dwarf hammy named Ariel, and
    I have a pug named Holle! lol thats funny. your hammy looks almost exactly
    like Ariel :O

  14. DatPotatoo says:

    Is stardust tames in the vid

  15. Ann Pauze says:

    hammey always pees on me so I had to tame him

  16. katiewalton22 says:

    your hamster is so cute

  17. mercedesdarkangel says:

    my hamster keeps biting on her metal cage so hard that she gets to the
    point of squealing really hard and throwing herself back but them she would
    KEEP ON bitting her cage ive tried like EVERY method of taming her but all
    she does is bite me ive tried putting a sock on my hand with a treat on my
    palm all she does is bite me and stuff the treat in her mouth n bite me
    again SHES EVIL shes a sunfire female hamster idk how to possibly tame her!
    help? advise video…plz lol

  18. ourgirlaubrey says:

    what room are you in? Is that the garbage can

  19. hammiegirls3114 says:


  20. hammiegirls3114 says:

    She sounds nice. Holle passed away though.

  21. hammiegirls3114 says:

    I don’t really want to go into details but she was treated badly. Also yes,
    your hamster can be tamed. I have somewhat tamed Stardust and I got her
    when she was 8 months old.

  22. Hamstersismyhobbies546 says:

    If that is cedar I recommend Pine or Aspen or Carefresh. Cedar is way to
    hard for hamsters’ paws

  23. DatPotatoo says:

    My hamster bites and is very stressed. I got him 4 days ago and I tried to
    tame him on the 1st day, is that bad? The tub method failed any other tips?

  24. hammiegirls3114 says:

    Here are some tips. 1) Wash your hands really good with hot soapy water to
    get all of the food smells of your hands. I recommend not using a strongly
    scented soap because your hamster still might think of it as food. 2) Let
    your Hamster see your hand before approaching it. Let is smell you and
    don’t use fast movements in front of your hamster. It will scare it. 3) If
    your hamster nips you slowly put it back down and don’t jerk your hand
    away. It will also scare them.

  25. mercedesdarkangel says:

    it is anewly bred kind of dwarf hamster it is also known as a DJ hamster
    their bred to be super soft social and NOT to bite as much it says “up to
    60% less than others” but that doesnt seem to be the case

  26. hammiegirls3114 says:

    and she knows it lol 😀

  27. TardisPineappleHamster says:

    Have you seen ANY of her videos? Oh sorry, stupid question, obviously not
    because in ALL of her videos where she mentions bedding she repeats it like
    6 or 7 times to NOT get Pine or Cedar, and clearly you think you know more
    than she does but sadly, that’s not true, because if you did, you would
    know that you shouldn’t use Pine either because of chemicals that kill your
    hamster. That was one long run-on sentence. But I’m to frustrated to fix
    it. Sorry Grammar Nazi’s.

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