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Pet Rodents : How to Train Pet Rats

Training pet rats is easily done by handling them often, finding out what their favorite treat is, rewarding good behavior and even putting a litter box in t…

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38 Responses to “Pet Rodents : How to Train Pet Rats”

  1. daniqueva says:


  2. Russia2point0 says:

    @traynineful yu can give them a lot of things. i’d suggest
    experimentingasthey can eat almost anything but i’d steer clear of things
    wth a lot of sugar, try blueberries or cucumbers, maybe some apple.

  3. TheYoghurt42 says:

    @KIDDMGK6MILE Rats don’t need vaccinations.

  4. LeiChY96 says:

    @EveryoneEatsShit hey i already got my pet rat over month ago. i think
    they’re cuties and i love their tails. and fyi she never even tried to bit
    me, she’s really nice and sweet and playful. Good day

  5. TheAwesomeOne8456 says:

    should i get female rats? i think female rats are better from what ive
    reasearched. any suggestions?

  6. michaeleen100 says:

    hi their i have a male pet rat, i have had him for 6 months now would it be
    okay to introduce another male for company?

  7. TheFunnycanful says:

    @Ashymay3 urrr lol its not a mouse its a rat lol but that rat is soooo cute!

  8. C130thunder says:

    do rats smell?

  9. raggee21 says:

    does that rat have balls or is it the butt?

  10. washingtonclaypictur says:

    my rat does not like food : (

  11. koolaidkid36 says:

    @ORSUMfezbubble yeah I love them I have one hairless and one haired, but i
    have had a hairless before and just love them! they are cute (:

  12. myanimalchannel2812 says:

    what was the email ?sorry

  13. Lily Izenhower says:


  14. ThePawnBros says:

    @c33c666 i believe thats a dwarf hamster or a baby gerbil

  15. Kat Astrophy says:

    The little rat at the end has such big eyes ^_^ it’s so cute !

  16. tinnyandlionfro says:

    I love rats and this guy seems so smart, but he is strange looking. i would
    still love him just the same.

  17. Iszzuan Nazim says:

    @artemisfair Ouh. Okey. Thks..

  18. washingtonclaypictur says:

    CATS DO??????

  19. ArfenHouseRules says:

    @sestiesses THATS HIS ASS

  20. moonable1 says:

    @moonable1 + i named my hammies after those two possums from Ice Age 2-3

  21. Cat S says:

    @DudasMiska They are called hairless rats. They are very common actually.
    You don’t seem like you know much about rats, you should do a little
    research on them before posting such a silly childish comment.

  22. maxwellcopy123 says:

    i had headphone on and she sad hi i sad fuck

  23. shoemakerleve9 says:

    @TheYoghurt42 I had to give then away. They bite really REALLY hard, and
    made me bleed.

  24. Gumbo550 says:


  25. Cat S says:

    @likerofcheez First of all your rat is unhappy! She needs another female
    companion. Second, try to handle her as much as you can so she can learn to
    trust you, and not see you as a predator. Also, give her lots of treats and
    she should bond with you in no time. She is probably still frightened
    around humans. But as I said before, the first step is to give her another
    rat friend, as rats need companionship 24 hours a day! Good luck :)

  26. NuclearNun says:

    Thanks Ashley, I can carry my Hairless rat ‘Lamar’ now everywhere I go.
    Thanks from Washington!

  27. Brad Sinclair says:

    That rats adorable

  28. Ariana T says:

    I just got a rat a couple of days ago and have been researching and some
    sites say not to reach in and grab them and others say that’s how they get
    used to you,so what can I do to get her used to me?

  29. gamezzzs says:

    iel that is a nasty rat ugly bhee there are wonderfull rats but hairless is
    not my thing

  30. Billy Bob says:

    they also have a bigger capacity for their balls too lol

  31. sestiesses says:

    @C130thunder no rats themself dont but maybe their cage if you dont clean
    it up properly

  32. mermaidamp says:

    Do apartment buildings allow rats as pets?

  33. TheYoghurt42 says:

    @shoemakerleve9 Ouch! That’s no good. Having them neutered or spayed
    probably would’ve fixed the problem as it was likely that they had hormonal
    aggression, especially if you got them from a pet shop, which often breed
    rats that have hormonal aggression.

  34. frogman1623 says:

    No affence but that rat is ugly as, it looks bald. I got a pet rat and
    she’s so cute. I trained her to react to a certain noise which indicates
    it’s food time, so she will emerge from where ever she is and look.

  35. Axel Rowe says:

    not really I think that he’s really cute actually if you don’t like how the
    hairless rat looks then don’t go posting that here

  36. Siena Bevan says:

    makes no difference in the fact that it’s really ugly ^^

  37. rubindoodle says:

    omg i just yell at m rat every time she does something bad and she listens
    but i dontlike scream i just say”MESHIES THATS A NO NO!!” and she listens!!

  38. NeickoPow says:

    Lol owned.

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