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Deluxe Dollhouse Condo

Deluxe Dollhouse Condo

At nearly 6-1/2' tall, this lovely condo/tree has a staircase leading up to the spacious condo section, which has an opening in each of its 2 floors. The hollow "belfry" section is just big enough for an average-sized cat to sit inside and look out the window. The unit comes with 2 sisal rope scratch posts, included in the price. Some assembly required. Dimensions: 76"H x 36"W x 29"D This piece also offers the unique option to choose custom colored (dyed) sisal rope for a small additional fee. Colors: Specify your color choices for each of the following areas: Base and large roof (as shown blue in photo) Middle platforms and small roof (as shown pink in photo) Poles (as shown white in photo) If you want the unit to be all one color, choose the same color for all three options.This design copyright 2003-2008 Hollywood Kitty Company. All rights reserved.Custom made to order, usually leaves our warehouse in 14 - 21 business days.


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