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How to TEACH ANY DOG to STOP BARKING Humanely, Effectively, and Naturally!

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25 Responses to “How to TEACH ANY DOG to STOP BARKING Humanely, Effectively, and Naturally!”

  1. kobayashimaruaikiken says:

    I respect your work, but I think you’re really focused on the external
    behaviour of the dog, without thinking enough about its emotional state.
    A little too “old school” clicker training.

  2. Jerri Morton says:

    Hi Zak, I have an 11 month German Shepherd. Tov is my SDiT. (service dog in
    training. I have only had him a couple of weeks. He growl a little when
    meeting ppl. Do you treat this the same as barking? Thanks

  3. David de Rin says:

    But what is there’s a robber

  4. O Rizo says:

    I watched all your videos and I getting a lot more knowledge on dogs. I am
    adopting my family member 1 year old Boxer, what will you recommend doing
    first to start training the boxer not to bark like crazy. Usually he barks
    or jumps on the sliding glass door to come inside the house. Unfortunately
    I can only bring him indoors to sleep but during the day he will be
    outdoors( depending on the weather). Also I attempted to take him to the
    pet store to see how he did and it was a big FAIL. He pulled me with him
    and barked at every dog he seen, even some people. 

  5. leila riouch says:

    I have a six mo German shepherd and she will bark at other dogs on walks
    but if they come near her she starts to cry and try to run away and
    sometimes she even pees because she’s so scared. i have also noticed that
    she seems to only bark at bigger dogs- noy smaller ones.How do I get her to
    stop trying to get their attention and also be a little more confident and
    not so easily scared.

  6. Liziè Buss says:

    Loved your videos!!! But please put legends in portuguese! I want to share
    with my friends!

  7. Sammy Bouzid says:

    FWI he doesn’t stop talking

  8. luiza177music says:

    Thank you for posting this, I’ll be trying this in the near future! :)

  9. Rachel Foster says:

    How do you get a dog to bark on command? Is frustrating them the only way?

  10. Kenda-Marie Adams says:

    Hi I left a comment on another video. I’m wondering if youcan help mehelp
    one of my rescue dogs? Something has ‘spooked’ her when we are driving in
    the car. I’ve taken her out of her car seat & put her back into her crate
    while in the car. But it isdistressing to hear her pant non stop was we
    journey. This is new behaviour. We spend a lot of time driving places so
    its become a real problem. I’m currently trying to ensure we take short
    journies to a destination she enjoys but I so want her to enjoy car
    journey’s again. Thank yoy

  11. Lisa Grambihler says:

    Working on the dog being excited greeting people at the door. Please=)

  12. Brooke F says:

    My dog gets really excited when people come to the door (he barks non stop
    at the door and at the guests until they show him attention). He also barks
    when we let him outside to play with other dogs while he chases them so
    it’s very hard to get his attention to settle him down. What would you
    suggest doing in these situations?

  13. agoodmama says:

    standing in doorways. any way to teach a dog about cars would be helpful.
    our dog stays by our side. UNLESS he sees another doggie in which case its
    sayonara and bounding across the street. he also will push/sneak his way
    out the door when one household member is leaving (usually hubby to work,
    child to school) to show he wants to/attempt to arrange keeping the gang

  14. belladesignsxoxo says:

    Would love to see a video on teaching your dog to stay in doorways. That is
    my biggest fear that they will run into the street if I open the front door
    for a visitor. They haven’t done it yet but they get so excited when
    someone is at the door that it’s difficult to hold them back from running
    outside when I open it.

  15. mrsfreax says:

    My dog only barks after dark so it’s difficult to determine what is
    motivating this behaviour. It is also then hard to do training with her as
    I’m often in pj’s or asleep when she’s doing it. Any suggestions please?

  16. The Smexy Piggeh says:

    Umm my NAME IS DANTE!!

  17. gen100dolla says:

    Alright going to try this which means I have to go outside with all these
    dogs and people while my dog barks its reallllllllyyy embarrassing

  18. 54tallgal says:

    Think I’ve asked you before but will you be doing any videos for more
    intermediate/advanced training, like getting in, standing in front, sitting
    with duration, etc.? We’ve been working on foundation for agility and
    intermediate obedience classes but can always use a fresh point of view and
    ways to reinfirce that behavior at home. Yes, we do practice every day!! :)

  19. Lisa Barker says:

    Awesome ideas!

  20. bangerz yo says:

    Your videos are helping me a lot with my little Yorkshire! Thank you so
    much! And if you could do a video to teach my dog to not cross the street
    it’d help me a lot! Thank you!

  21. michellem1504 says:

    You’ve helped me so much. THANK YOU! all the way from Australia

  22. Carmelita Herrera says:

    Can you make a video on teaching a puppy to not pee inside the house. I
    checked your videos out and did not find any on this subject. Or could you
    give me some tips on this matter. Thank you.

  23. fuwwe2 says:

    the only time my dog barks is when my neighbors dogs bark..(5 dogs).and
    they can be so annoying cuz they bark for so long!!!! and i cnt stop my dog
    from barking,i tried treats but she doesnt care..i tried pickign her up but
    she turns her head and bites me! so i dont know what to do..if only my
    neighbors would train their dogs to shut up or move out the neighborhood.

  24. Zak George's Dog Training rEvolution says:

    When a dog is super stimulated, you do what you can to encourage calmness.
    In the case in the video, it was the best option and it worked well for
    Dante the dog.

  25. Lidija Le François says:

    Our dog has a walk in the morning with my husband and then when I come home
    from dropping him off she whines and wants to go out immediately again. I
    know she doesn’t have to go to the bathroom, I assume she is just
    interested in going out. How do I correct this?

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