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How To Tame Your Hamster.

Please bare in mind, i did this video going off the tips and tricks that i did with him, knowing that not all information that you gather or what you hear ar…

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18 Responses to “How To Tame Your Hamster.”

  1. Caroline Firkins says:

    Thank you sooooo much this thing really works! I have watched other videos
    but this one is easy and works!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. malica hamilton says:

    aww he looks like mine

  3. molsterp says:

    my hamster is called gizmo xxx :)


    thats a hamster! hes huge!

  5. Staceyspetmice says:

    He is 5 months.

  6. Staceyspetmice says:

    Your welcome :)

  7. Staceyspetmice says:

    Thank you :)

  8. HAMMIEHAMSTER94 says:

    Did he ever bite?

  9. Staceyspetmice says:

    Haha he’s not that big! He’s a Syrian, They are big hamsters :P

  10. Staceyspetmice says:

    Nope :)

  11. Captian Eefs says:

    thanks for the advise!!!! :)

  12. Staceyspetmice says:

    She’s probably the dominant mouse out of your group, as it does sound like
    dominant behavior with your mouse Britney. There’s nothing really you can
    do about the whole dominant behavior as they do this to show who is in boss.

  13. CreekValleyCritters says:

    Very good video :)


    Well is very cute!!!!..I just want eat him up..<3..I also hear wild Syrian
    humans are mean..but as mean as they are..Its kind of cute..

  15. Rob M. says:

    maybe she has small hands. haha

  16. Captian Eefs says:

    I have a pet mouse Britney (black mouse) she is mean to my other two mice.
    I don’t want her anymore. when ever I give a treat to Ella or angilina (two
    other mice) she like (pushes) the other mice then takes the treat. I want
    to give Britney to my friend. my friend loves Britney so it might not be a
    problem what do u think I should do?

  17. Staceyspetmice says:

    He sure is a cutie, he’s friendly <3

  18. blackhoundful says:

    How old is he?

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