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How to teach your cats and dogs tricks play dead

Funny and cute compilation of various animals playing dead after being pretend shot with a finger gun. The hamster is the best for me.

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27 Responses to “How to teach your cats and dogs tricks play dead”

  1. maazz111 says:

    how the hell is this a “how to” video?

  2. ibikici says:

    So all I have to do is point my finger at an animal and say bang. Who knew
    “HOW TO TEACH YOUR CATS AND DOGS TRICKS” would be so easy! Mine must be
    stupid, cause I did this all day long, and they just looked at me, and
    never fell over. Maybe I’m missing something, or maybe you should rename
    this video and take out the words “HOW TO TEACH YOUR”

  3. xxhelloxkitty93xx says:

    that hamster is SO effing funny xDDD

  4. Rain Fur says:

    Hamster tho

  5. Maddy Lemieux says:

    I like the last one

  6. Tami Munaro says:

    The german shepherd was so dramatic hahaha

  7. Ben Sofian says:

    Where’s the “how”?

  8. Nikki Barrameda says:

    I like the hamster! So cute!

  9. Grant Gardner says:

    hamsters ar the best at this

  10. Nia Mallory says:

    my cat walked away when i tried she is now thinking about her life by
    staring at a wall

  11. maigokonekochan says:

    You should really change the title of the video.

  12. dragonhunter ibrhm says:

    The best one 0:35

  13. angelphillips18 says:


  14. Carlos Bosque says:

    And The Award For Playing Dead Goes To…

  15. byiscuteminecraft1 says:


  16. jennifer Varona says:

    cool I like it awesome video

  17. bambiful says:

    Hamsters! ;)

  18. KatnissEverlark13 says:

    Also I was first comment!!! yay! now im second Yay lol

  19. jdclaco fhudgee says:

    and so? IDC………… WDC !!!!

  20. Danae Malikyeah says:

    Omg the hamster soooo cute

  21. KatnissEverlark13 says:

    -_- Learn how to use better punctuation please.

  22. Hajeera Tarannum says:


  23. Katie Aurora says:

    xD the cat was awesome .. took 2 shots to get him down ;D

  24. joseph yarbrough says:


  25. KatnissEverlark13 says:

    LOL The German Shepard and the hamster XD

  26. 2balldragon says:

    Where is the HOW TO? I liked it anyway thumbs up if u liked it

  27. moraleschantel says:

    I like the video I think you’ll should like it if you like it reply back to
    this good comment so I think you should like the video too … what’s up

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