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How to teach your dog to bring you something The BEST DOG TRAINING PAGE on FACEBOOK Follow me on Twitter: My main channel: ww...

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35 Responses to “How to teach your dog to bring you something”

  1. Mae Mercado says:

    that dog is so cute!.. and great training.. ^_^

  2. Jason More says:

    good job! By the way ,Which women in the background ?

  3. RyouraBeta says:

    This was adorable XD And interesting!

  4. Natalie R says:

    i hate the dog voice. its creepy

  5. halfmoon kid says:

    Fucked up the video with the annoying voice

  6. Mayur Tejsinghani says:

    Don’t make videos with fake dog voice.. They’re annoying and stupid 

  7. Elina V says:

    Make viedo with dog talk when you train and I like song

  8. Joshua Angular says:

    Dont ever ever ever have a dum bitch fuck up your videos with that voice
    shit… your the man bro people like your videos but that voice will make
    them go away

  9. Megan Adams says:

    That fake voice is obnoxious

  10. Guillermo Obregon says:

    can you redo the video withouth the fake dog voice. Couldnt hear you cause
    of it

  11. Reverend Darin says:

    Terrible dog voice…. Please stop

  12. ruffcreek19792007 says:

    it is awesime

  13. pedro guzman says:

    the voice ruined the video bad idea woman

  14. pedro guzman says:

    that background voice its so irritating !!! i couldnt hear him talking
    cauz dat voice !!

  15. avdive1 says:

    very annoying video,background voices destroying it.

  16. 19jennyjen says:

    Border Collie

  17. George st says:

    what breed is that dog?

  18. Brinda Pandiyan says:

    I don’t think it’s the camera woman, pretty sure it’s Zak doing the voice.
    He’s got a different voice for each dog. I found it hilarious personally,
    suits Alpha well XD

  19. LiahGarza says:

    That voice. I cant hear what he is saying. Please dont do it

  20. Roo Sentom says:

    LOL is that gollum as the voice of dog?

  21. Charles Barragan says:

    I don’t like the women talking

  22. Joe D says:

    this is a training program gooddogs4you. you add the com

  23. Cyan Uchie says:

    i found Zak’s channel when i looked up Ghost adventures

  24. Karen Kennedy says:

    LOL at the dog talking. Loved it!

  25. Karen Kennedy says:

    LOL at the “dog talking”. Loved it!

  26. Maya Lucia says:


  27. Ashley Sanchez says:

    It helps to, to put some type of material that the dog can make a certain
    texture like tape or foam on the handle onto what to grab exactly.

  28. Ionut Dumitrescu says:

    This is amazing. Keep up the good work!

  29. Maya Lucia says:

    you’re always so enthusiastic yay!!!!! love you

  30. Anila Pushan says:

    Why the voice?? Whyyy????

  31. Ibrahim Ahmed says:

    you are pro dude i like this video but i like you more

  32. Dor Atar says:

    why did you destroy a great instructional video with that horrible

  33. blaine bunn says:

    great video! keep going!

  34. pere17 says:

    clever dog, he seems tired

  35. wrxwillow says:

    Yeah good vid. That voice is ridiculous though

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