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Trimming Your Rat’s Nails (Solo)

How to trim your rat’s nails without the assistance of another person. Additional questions can be asked via comments below. Requests/suggestions for future …

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18 Responses to “Trimming Your Rat’s Nails (Solo)”

  1. blacksheepification1 says:

    spend time with them alot of time is all thats needed

  2. rosebose123 says:

    Aw cutie

  3. snake172 says:

    03:49 If a fucking cat can learn to get along with a rat we humans have no excuses when it comes to getting along with each other…..

    Sad and cute at the same time :(

  4. vegetafanatic00001 says:

    Hi I just got my rats like… 2 and a half weeks ago and I was wondering if you could make a video on how to like…how to get your rats used to you and be able to trust you with handling them and have them not try to run from you. I really liked your nail clipping video. Oh and maybe a how to bathe your rat tutorial of some kind as well. But yeah, like your video.

  5. danny shepherd says:

    my rat squeaks real loud because she is fritened as i try to trim the nails

  6. Romdogg3 says:

    He’s so cute!!

  7. Danielle Sotelo says:

    Okay my rat fights it and then so she doesn’t get in trouble by going in her cage she sits on my lap and cleans herself. Is there anyway I can handle this?

  8. Jamee Bjerk says:

    i have 2 rat girls that are gonna need their nails trimmed……eventualy!

  9. Katie Imbro says:

    Thanks for this. My rats have scratched me up pretty bad, they are due for a clipping really bad.

  10. lane gurfer says:

    dogs are like rats*

  11. Ridikkulus1 says:

    Your fur babies are so cute! And Splinter has such pretty coloring! Okay, so I have never trimmed my rat’s nails…his name is Murdock, after Daredevil because he is fearless. He is also very squirmy! I am going to try this as soon as possible! I do have a request…every time I have tried to bathe him it has been a disaster…I had no idea rats can jump so high, and he loses contol of his bowels…so could you do one on bathing? I’m trying to find the least traumatic way lol

  12. fenome16 says:

    I should of watched this vid earlier I haven’t cut my rats nails ever he’s turning 2

  13. LuckyElephant3 says:

    The squeaking is just because they don’t like you doing it. It’s kind of their way of protesting.

  14. stuff3691 says:

    ok so I was clipping my rats nails as I was watching the video. I found out that he is EXTREMELY squirmy. but i also found out that with every clip of his nails he screamed like your rat did but every single nail. and i checked his nails after i cut them and they weren’t bleeding. Is he just sensitive?

  15. RattieLover1331 says:

    How do I clip ratlet nails? I can barely even see the quick and such..They are way to tiny. Also, my babies are so squirmey :c

  16. Carrie Ambury says:

    You should make a video on teaching your rat basic things. Like coming when called.

  17. Chakrashuriken says:

    i love ur rats, thankyou for the help

  18. Deathwingthedestroye says:

    Cuute rat <3

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