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Oh Rats!

This is the perfect quick reference for the beginning rat owner. It covers picking a new rat, getting the right cage for your rat, diet, breeding and training. Even if you are not a rat owner, but are thinking of getting a new rat, this book is a great place to start.

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3 Responses to “Oh Rats!”

  1. Susan K Gertz says:

    Great I currently own three rats. They are wonderful pets and I highly recommend them. There are a number of good books on choosing and caring for pet rats, but this is NOT one of them. I would go so far as to call this book irresponsible, especially for someone new to keeping rats as pets. The sections on diet and breeding (NOT something a casual rodent owner should try to do on purpose) were especially inadequate. And any discussion of pet rats has to include medical information peculiar to the species, which this book doesn’t. Taking on the care of pets of any size is a major commitment. Take the time to find good information from knowledgeable sources.

  2. John McKinney Jr says:

    Very good book This is one of the only books that has kept my attention absolutely great. The facts were very true from the many other books I’ve read but this gave me more info and answers to my questions!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been looking into getting a rattie as a pet and found very useful information in this book. What I love about ratties is they’re smart and sociable. Thank you so much for this book.

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