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How to name your rat

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10 Responses to “How to name your rat”

  1. Gravitythewolf says:

    Np i will help anyone who is getting bullyed just dont listen to them, when they grow up they will learn. I am afraid there’s not much people that will stand up for someone, i wish there were :3

  2. Gideon C says:

    did you do thisin one take?

  3. Rattiesforlife says:

    thank you guys so much for defending me!!!!!! your so nice!!!!!! there should be more people like you in the world and not tearna reddy

  4. Liza Merz says:

    @Gravitythewolf agreed

  5. Gravitythewolf says:

    shut up leave her alone, keep it to yourself and stop bullying her.
    Go fuck yourself

  6. Tearna Reddy says:

    charcole is black u reterd

  7. Tearna Reddy says:

    omg ur hair is so gressy take a shower

  8. Tearna Reddy says:

    ashes are grey smart one

  9. Rattiesforlife says:


  10. CrazyHorseGirl223 says:

    To luv ur way of namin them!

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