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How to Train a Parrot : How to Teach Parrots to Step On Your Hand

Create a positive experience when teaching a bird to step up on your hand and learn more tips on training parrots in this free pet care video clip. Expert: E…

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27 Responses to “How to Train a Parrot : How to Teach Parrots to Step On Your Hand”

  1. josey boateng says:

    what kind of bird is missey bire

  2. Alex Wright says:

    Poor bird

  3. shahed she says:

    damn that bird is ugly is the bird from rio

  4. niwsov voswin says:

    my bird is 48 years old
    that dont work for me

  5. Ranyaxoxo2016 says:

    That’s the cutest bird ever and it’s terrible what happend to her/ him I hope it’s okay

  6. AnnieBirdy says:

    You are definitely the best EV presenter I have seen here on YT. You sound like you really know what you are talking about, rather than putting it across like a well practised script. I have to ask, how is the U2 coping with all those pins coming through? She/he doesn’t seem the ”Yipee! New feathers!” type, bless, more the ”Urgh, new feathers? YUK!” type. Seems a very content bird with you, but does she have trauma in her past, or just pluck for no apparent reason? Still so beautiful tho <3

  7. Cynthia Autenrieth says:

    thank u so much for all of ur concise advice. i appreciate the topics u have covered as i adopted an emotionally abused bird that has required a lot of patience and understanding. expert village- i am grateful for the advice you have to offer. elizabeth- thank u for presenting the information in such a direct and educational manner.

  8. Kate Postlethwaite says:

    Is it okay to give a red crowned amazon potato chips? My aunt had to give me her bird and I have no experience with birds. He loves the chips. I’ve tried other bird treats but he doesn’t seem to like them. He doesn’t really care for me. He won’t climb onto my hands or come out of the cage.

  9. Francisco Gaspar says:

    What happened to the parrot feathers?

  10. Jaz The chikorette says:

    (this is cody but with a different account because i couldn’t log on so i got a new account) i don’t even know wtf u meen lolol

  11. 1mitar says:

    Does your parrot sh*t at 00:03? :))

  12. Sadie B says:

    Aww birdies so cute!

  13. chewynum says:

    Is that U2 going through a full on moult? Or is it severe plucking?

  14. owlmachinegun says:

    Lol MilleniumForce it actually is normal, the bird has behavioral issues that led it to pluck its own feathers.

  15. MilleniumForce637 says:

    Lol Cody it isn’t normal. Do you have any common sense?

  16. Cody Discombe says:

    guys PLEASE the bird plucks its feathers it’s perfectally normal

  17. kikifellinlove says:

    Obviously it says that she rescues in rehabilitates parrots the bird plucked it feather it is not the owners

  18. Karlijn Coralie says:

    ‘ Please help with agressive parrot biting problem ‘ If he get’s you, you’ll bleed. I know you probably won’t but maybe you can consider watching the video and comment on what to do with him. I reallly don’t know anymore. Anyway thanks for the great tutorials on your channel!

  19. Karlijn Coralie says:

    Firstly, I love it that even though Missy is plucked you use her for this video. Everybody should know that also plucked birds can be (even though they don’t look nice) great pets and they deserve the love and attention you give them!
    I also love you video’s! I watch them all and I hope one they the will prove usefull. Unfortunately my birds is at this stage so agressive that I am a bit hopeless about the situation. I put a video of his behaviour on my channel title: ——>

  20. Josine Lovecats says:


  21. Josine Lovecats says:

    ja ik denk dat ook die arme vogel moet naar de dierenarts

  22. Emi McBride says:

    I think your bird is dead, have you noticed?

  23. fantagegirl11 says:


  24. MegaWartex says:

    Omg zombie parrot

  25. SmackedByMac says:

    What’s wrong with that bird?

  26. d50hs says:

    your bird is
    like zombies

  27. Alexandra Gomez says:

    she talks fast

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