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How to Train Your Horse to Lunge on a Line : Haltering a Horse Before Lunging on a Line

Watch as a seasoned horseback rider demonstrates how to halter your horse before it lunges on a line in this free online video about horseback riding. Expert…

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36 Responses to “How to Train Your Horse to Lunge on a Line : Haltering a Horse Before Lunging on a Line”

  1. StarCreekStudios says:

    i do it on my 1year old horsey ( Tomorrow shes 1 )

  2. nubianqa817 says:

    Kelly you are a great teacher :)

  3. Anna Blaylock says:

    I have a horse that always comes in to u because she was taught when u spin something around she will face u can someone plz tell if they no how to lunge a horse that dose rhis

  4. jesshamersley says:

    ummm, browband….. what the hell. HAHAH.

  5. Cecilia Neill says:


  6. Melnyk Bren says:

    my horse is only Green Broke not well broke so i think it’s going to be kinda hard for my arm to act as a halter when i put the actual halter on her!!!!! this is why i hate expervillage!!!!!!!! like my comment if u do too! :) ps i LOVE horses <3

  7. trizan123 says:

    Sorry, that was a long time ago and was probably my little sister that wrote that. Me and my horse have a bond now that can never be broken NO MATTER WHAT! :) Almost like my BFF that passed away, Jessica Marie Forsyth & Boomer. You can search memorial vids for her on here if you want unless you already have. Thanks anyways! Have a good day! ♥

  8. MissMaeofEvergreen says:

    you have to be persistant with her, but gently, if you just walk away from her when she runs from you your letting her win and that will just make her think she’s the boss not you. If you earn your horse’s trust and show her that you aren’t going to hurt her, she’ll let you halter her.

  9. tmustang94 says:

    thats a harness.. not a halter

  10. tmustang94 says:

    umm i dont know wat ur looking at, but ive seen many halters and they all have a buckle somewhere…

  11. TheBeautyonHorseback says:

    I would love to see her do this to a horse who isn’t dead. Trying to do this to a stud colt he thinks your gonna eat his face.

  12. Horsespur101 says:

    if you cant put a halter on a horse you shouldnt be lunging just sayin

  13. tmustang94 says:

    some halters buckle?? im pretty sure all do…

  14. Mombeingsilly says:

    you need a rope halter those halters are bad!!!

  15. jubie20021992 says:

    1st you should never hold a horses head she should just stand there and let you put it on and why not just undo the crown buckle instead of bending the horses ears back that must hurt poor colby

  16. TheLiv56 says:

    Thank you Kelli that video was very imformative.

  17. vxRussianRoulettexv says:

    Is this the same lady who was teaching english techniques in a western saddle?? Why, ExpertVillage, why???

  18. SavannahlovesHoney says:

    WesternRider505 is correct that is not a browband but it really doesn’t matter!

  19. Kikkipriest says:

    I appreciate ANY information I can get. Her videos are informative, hands on and FREE! Seriously people if you don’t like what she is teaching make your own video!

  20. WesternRider505 says:

    bucksmyboy12 honey really?????Are u really going to say that I have had over 10 years of experience I think I know the differnce between a crown piece and browband and the way she showed it is not it…… um I would shut ur mouth while your at it!!!!!!!!!

  21. Thoroughbred17 says:

    I commented on this about a month ago, but this video never fails to throw me into a world of disbelief. How incompetent can she be?? First of all, put a rope around that horse’s neck while haltering to prevent it from walking away! Second, I know I’ve said it already, but there’s not browband on a halter! I’ve only been riding for two years! If she is in fact an “expert” you’d think she’d know that.

  22. aussiecutegirl says:

    if u tried to put a halter on a young or difficalt horse like that it wouldn’t work

  23. Thoroughbred17 says:

    Browband? No, no, no!

  24. crazybouthorses94 says:

    bucksmyboy12 SHUT UP!!!! do u no wtf ur on about??? I DNT THINK SOOO!!!!!!!! evry 1 has their own opinion nd u look like ur the only 1 thts against all of us so atm u look pretty stupid!!!!!!! so keep ur fat trap shut in future nd respect uver ppl!!!!!

  25. bucksmyboy12 says:


  26. lkwhostalkinggx3 says:

    lmaoooo! brow band? LOL this shit cracks me up.

  27. WindWolfProductions says:

    umm, kelly is it? Yeah… That’s not a browband sweetie. First you pointed to the NOSEBAND. Then you said the browband was the piece behind their ears. No that is called the CROWN PIECE. Look it up.

  28. ilovedanarka1234 says:

    ummm theres no browband!

  29. tallyfolly says:

    it does not matter when you posted it! True words are for eternity! Have you seen the rest of the shite she put on “on behalf of expert village”? I think she must have learnt her “expertise” on the back of crisps bags, perhaps Pringles. My granddad is probably one of the most renowned horsemen in Italy. Still rides at 88 on his 29 yr old mare. 80 years of experience, he does not do ONE SINGLE thing the way she shows on her useless videos. That should tell you something.

  30. Skyla Fairhurst says:

    Hahahaha yeah I know eh.
    Wow I posted that comment 4 months ago lol

  31. tallyfolly says:

    oh, you worded my sentiment so well! the amount of crap this opinionated, arrogant, incompetent bitch has put on the net is unbelievable. never seen anyone so bad with horses! Browband? my ass!

  32. paiRofPlyers says:

    what brow band theres no browband on a halter!?

  33. cowgirlcharlie says:

    what the hell! if you dont know how to put a fucking halter on your horse i sure as hell hope you wouldnt be lunging it! dear God almighty!

  34. Skyla Fairhurst says:

    You’rea fucking retard you supid cunt.
    God she makes me so mad!

  35. ponyrider12 says:

    thats NOT how you put it on! u unbuckle the headpiece and slip it on, then u slip it on and clip it on! FREAKS!

  36. froggy8765 says:

    I’d feel sorry for a horse that was owned by someone who got all their horse-care knowledge from Expert Village.

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