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Solutions for Ferret Owners #1

This is a great solution for hard to reach corners, in between the oven & wall or bathroom sink & wall. Anyplace that you cannot reach, but your ferret takes…

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9 Responses to “Solutions for Ferret Owners #1”

  1. Ele Steel says:

    Thank you so much! This is brilliant. I used to work at a pet store and when we had these little guys too long we would mark them down half off to try to find them a home quickly. Well I would usually find myself snapping them up. I have 3 now and they have their own room to free range in (very safely) with sealed concrete floors (easy clean up) but they still find these elusive corners. I will give this a try!!

  2. Brian Riley says:

    always gotta think ahead with ferrets… great thinking with the coke box

  3. driftke70 says:

    great advice, but one thing i can point out is that if you keep your ferrets toys where they can see them they like them alot more when you give them to them. So keep them in a draw or something and let them have 2 each for a day or two, then change them. Its like christmas everyday they love it. Your box idea is great because they like to have a large scented perimeter, and your allowing them to do whats in their instincts.

  4. wonderland7407 says:

    Okay, just tryin to help. Maybe it’s too late for you but maybe someone else will learn something from it.

  5. Marissa Marie says:

    That answer was a bit late…

  6. wonderland7407 says:

    The short answer is yes, but not very long. Or very happily! Think of them more like a dog or cat, not a guinea pig or a rat. They need a roomy cage that air can easily circulate through and they can feel like a part of the home. And they should be let out to run around often, at least 3 hours everyday….

  7. Marissa Marie says:

    Can they live in aquariums?

  8. ambersmiles09 says:

    thank you so much!

  9. VeronikaBlue202 says:

    Thanks! You are so creative, I would have never figured that out. Check out my ferret videos if you have time, sorry I know this is spam.

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