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How to Train Your Horse to Jump

This is the training method I use to train horses to jump. I find it to be pretty successful for each end of a training session. This way, the rider doesn’t …

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33 Responses to “How to Train Your Horse to Jump”

  1. Erin Ramirez says:

    I bought my lunge line lightly used for $20, however, it’s not necessary to use a lunge when training a horse. I would recommend you research types of ground work to see what really works for you and build from there. For instance, all my horses are played with “natural horsemanship” and we work in rope halters and 10ft cotton lead lines. best basis for jumping is ground work, so that your pony is balanced and confident!

  2. Indigo1Black says:

    Is Jumping Harder To Master Than Running? I Have Been Having Problems With Balance When Yonna Runs!

  3. Kali Creekmur says:

    Im 12 and trained a barrel horse he got sold and I trained a other mare!!!

  4. zoe Barton says:

    i found this very usful! thank you

  5. nicole alexis says:

    you should make the jump bigger, but if you don’t want to than you don’t have to

  6. Nikkiyuri says:

    is there any other method for training a horse to jump? i half own a horse that was a jumper before, but got put into auction and hadnt been ridden for over 5 years. my aunties friend owns her now, but im trying to gain her level of jumping again, yet im not to sure if i have enough money for a lunge line. how much do they usually cost?

  7. Hunterjumpereventer says:

    lol yeah 😛 I learned how to twist my reins like less than a week after this video 😛

  8. ashleighrauen says:

    That’s good. Do you know how to twist your reins up and fasten them under your bridle’s throat latch? That will keep them up away from his feet and out of his mouth AND allow him to stretch wherever he pleases without bumping his mouth. I’m glad you were not jumping in side reins!

  9. Hunterjumpereventer says:

    They aren’t side reins. They are just my normal reins. They are draped over the saddle because they are extremely long, so i did it to keep them out of the way of his legs. I would never jump in side reins, and at the time, didnt even own a pair. But thank you for your concern.

  10. ashleighrauen says:

    I would never lunge over fences in side reins. Your horse is not able to use his neck to balance when it’s tied to his saddle.

  11. Soph Rhiia says:

    Ah, that’s fair enough. Some of my horses would assume it meant go faster 😀

  12. Kristina Ellis says:

    This is how I start my guys also. Well done!

  13. Danielle Prince says:

    This actually worked for my 4yr old thanks :) x

  14. Hunterjumpereventer says:

    The funny thing is that i started with my stirrups ran up, but they fell down. I had decided to keep them down because they werent bothering him, and to help with desensitizing (i didnt need him freaking out if we over jumped, and got jumped out of my tack, and lost my stirrups).

  15. Soph Rhiia says:

    Good training method, I use this on my cobs.

    But make sure those stirrups are run up before your lunge, they were banging on his sides and probably winding him up.

  16. PolkaDotPony6777777 says:

    it really worked thanks xxx

  17. AsuraWolf says:

    oh ok thank you

  18. lREsOLuTiONz says:

    what i have been told is to lift the reins and push both your knees in when you approach the jump. (it works for me) if it doesnt work keep practicing. you will eventually get it! (ps. i hope this helped you)

  19. lREsOLuTiONz says:

     hope this helps!

  20. lREsOLuTiONz says:

    when you first break it to ride (if it isnt broke idk) i would wait a year after but if you want to start right away i would recommend maybe 4-5 years, you want to star young because you want to get your horse used to jumping. (if you want to enter compititions etc)

  21. AsuraWolf says:

    At what age should I start train a horse to jump? What is the best age?

  22. LostBoyzGurl says:

    Okay she is kinda improving. she doesn’t hesitate as much. I haven’t increased height in over a month so at least I’m doing that right! hahahah THANKS!

  23. Hunterjumpereventer says:

    The snaffle part of the bit (he’s in a pelhum so there is two rings), but you can put a halter on him and lunge him in that, or anything that you’d normally would use to lunge your horse.

  24. Hunterjumpereventer says:

    Morgan :3 I love him! He tries SOOO hard for me in everything i ask!

  25. Hunterjumpereventer says:

    I wouldnt worry to much about the hesitating. As long as you aren’t pushing her to increase height, she should become more confident :) It might just take time, but you just have to help her increase her confidence.

  26. LostBoyzGurl says:

    my horse has only been ridden western. I haven’t gotten the saddle on her yet, I want her to have her balance jumping without tack first. She jumps fine and her balance is improving, but she always hesitates before she jumps, how can I stop that?

  27. Weezie2809 says:

    That was a really good video and i will definitely use that on my 4 yr old what breed is yours? xx

  28. Lilly McDonnell says:

    What part of the bridle is the lunge line connected to?

  29. IAmHorses13 says:

    i think this will help me a lot! cause i am getting my first horse in a little while and i wanted to train him to jump :) thanks

  30. lacie renee says:

    ohh now i get it

  31. sunandpryce says:

    I’m strongly considering buying a young mare and training her to jump. I don’t want to instill any bad habits in her. Does anyone have first time horse training advice?

  32. tannerandmeforever says:

    this vid was SOOOOOO helpful thanks SOOOOOO much!!!! i just bought a 3 year old trekhner grey gelding and i needed this!

  33. uniswolves says:

    whats a lunge line?

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