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Rattie Training Video: Tightrope Walking – Part One

ATTENTION: THIS VIDEO NOW HAS A NEW & IMPROVED VERSION! Please view my ALL NEW “Rattie Training Video: Tightropes” here: ——–…

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11 Responses to “Rattie Training Video: Tightrope Walking – Part One”

  1. crazy4ratties2 says:

    Yes, he was definitely very food-motivated! Lol! :)

  2. brbauerlotr says:

    DiNozzo’s like “gimme the food, gimme, gimme” :)

  3. crazy4ratties2 says:

    Thank you; and have fun!

  4. TheFatRatChannel says:

    wow, your rats are amazing, i’m going to teach my boys this :)

  5. zoologyboi says:

    Geat video! And a very clever ratty! =) I miss my rats so much =( We used to have so much fun together. They would follow me up and down the stairs and loved nothing more than sitting on my shoulder as I walked around the house (all four of them) Such great animals =)

  6. crazy4ratties2 says:

    You will see at the beginning of the video that I put down a soft folded towel just in case the ratties fall. However, you could always begin training with much lower platforms. The ratties in this video are not beginners, and virtually never fall; thus I am comfortable using higher platforms. Rats in general have very good balance! :)

  7. willnel2000 says:

    what if they fall.. -.-

  8. crazy4ratties2 says:

    Thank you, and congrats! :)

  9. Ender Wiggin says:

    Good vid i’m going to get two rats myself soon.

  10. Neonrain11 says:

    That was a really great video, and DiNozzo is so cute! I just got 2 baby rats, and one of them, Willow, looks exactly like DiNozzo, only her head is black. I’ll be sure to teach them this trick!

  11. hunterkoehler says:

    thats really cool im suprised this video dosent have more views
    i have 2 rats my self their babys

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