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How to train a horse to STOP

This is a method to train your horse to stop while he is walking next to you. It is a very basic exercise but can be further developed into a trick. If you h…

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20 Responses to “How to train a horse to STOP”

  1. Marenlene says:

    When you train, I assume you have her on a lead rope? Well, I would say “trot”, start running and put some pressure on the lead rope. As soon as she starts trotting I would stop, reward her and give her a break so she learns that trotting is not that bad. If she is resistant to trot, you can use a whip -not to hit her(!) but to point it to her bum to tell her that this is the body part you want her to shift. When you start an exercise MEAN IT! Don’t stop before you don’t get what you want.

  2. Meegan Roylon says:

    I also have a horse and she is a 2 year old mare… When I start running she won’t follow me, and ideas to get her to trot with me?

  3. MigrationTranslators says:

    It’s a pretty boy!

  4. Marenlene says:

    haha…yeah he likes to show off his tricks 😀

  5. Littlemissnu says:

    Lol! Big smiles for the camera! :) Beautiful!

  6. Marenlene says:

    Thank you :-)

  7. friskylilfillly says:

    amazing XD

  8. dxtf1984 says:

    wow very impressive vid
    i like your video with this horse cuz he is good and beatiful horse
    thanks my dear

  9. Marenlene says:

    you are very charming 😀

  10. lancer737 says:

    Your horse is very pretty Marenlene!

  11. Marenlene says:

    oh, good :-) awesome work! If your horse is good without a lead rope (and doesn’t run away), you might wanna try the trick lunging without a lead rope. I posted a video, have a look and let me know what you think!

  12. 99ponyluvr says:

    How to I get my horse used to water my horse is soo afraid of water and I want him to in joy what

  13. MegF says:

    I have 2 Icelandics. I also use clicker training method, but just use my voice. Probably should use a clicker to get more precise timing for teaching more tricks, as you suggest.

  14. Marenlene says:

    haha…yes, he always does that…and starts to count, grab something or even bow! A real show off…but I think it is good because he shows that he likes his training and does the tricks voluntarily..what horse do you have? What other tricks did you train him?

  15. MegF says:

    He’s cute offering the smile trying to get an extra treat. I taught mine to smile too. He does the same behavior using the smile to say “Hey, I’d sure like a treat.”

  16. Marenlene says:

    thanks :-)

  17. MigrationTranslators says:

    awesome…a simple command but very helpful

  18. silverkitty34 says:

    this is really helpfull to me, as my pony is bargy(espesialy around grass!) and i am doing a little re-training

  19. Marenlene says:

    Thanks :-) He is an Australian Stock Horse gelding but he is bigger than most of them and I try to keep him in good condition.

  20. Africaswildzebera says:

    pretty horse what kind ? is he a stallion ? beautiful

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